Author: Chelsea Berler


This is 30.

Tomorrow is my 30th birthday. Yep. 30!!! I’m going to be 30. Where has the time gone??! You’re probably also thinking – “You’re the CEO of Solamar and you’re only 30!” I get that a lot. More importantly… I want to share with you some really important lessons I’ve learned in the past 30 years….

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As social media has taken over the marketing landscape, brand promoters have had to find ways to condense their messaging into increasingly smaller formats. First it was the limited wall post, then the 140-character tweet. The instagram photo, the pinnable image, the hashtag, we communicate to the public in ever briefer broadcasts. It was inevitable…

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Survival Tips For The Overworked Entrepreneur

Starting and running your own business can be an exciting, empowering act that has positive ramifications for your entire way of life, but the responsibility entailed in such an endeavor can often lead entrepreneurs to place themselves in situations where they are handling too much at one time, pushing themselves physically and mentally to the…

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