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6 Tips to Improve Your Local SEO

Local SEOYour prospective customers are looking for local businesses like yours online. When they search for a business to meet their needs or desires, they enter terms into search engines and get a list of relevant results. Whether or not your business is among those results depends on your local SEO.

It’s true that Google knows where a user is when they search. So it will skew search results depending on where they’re located for their convenience. For example, if I’m in Atlanta, Georgia, and I search for a Bikram yoga studio, the results will show studios in Atlanta more prominently than studios in New York City.

But that doesn’t mean you can afford to ignore local factors when it comes to SEO. Local SEO is sometimes considered trickier than general SEO simply because additional factors are taken into consideration. The following tips will improve your local SEO and make a positive difference in driving traffic to your website. Continue reading

4 Tips to Make Your Menu Marvelous

website menuAt the end of the day, when we come to the internet for something, it’s usually information. The latest price of the device you’ve been lusting after. The phone number of the restaurant you’d like to make reservations at. The name of the historical figure you’ve forgotten. We live in a world where almost every piece of info we could want is available to us, if only we can find it.

We have search engines to help us with the initial plunge, but once someone’s landed on a site, the next crucial element in information delivery is the menu. Which is why it’s surprising that web site navigation often gets ignored or glossed over in favor of more “exciting” design elements.

But ignoring the effectiveness and clarity of your menu can have dire effects on your site’s ability to deliver anything of use to the people who visit it. So don’t! Instead, follow these handy tips on making your site’s menu marvelous. Continue reading

When to Consider a Mobile App

mobile appMobile apps. They’re taking over the world, one digital device at a time. They’re like the popular guest at the party, everybody wants to hang with them, get in on the good times. But then they often realize their new friend has expensive tastes, and isn’t really interested in the same things as they are.

I’m not trying to say that you shouldn’t get yourself a shiny new mobile app. You should! If, that is, you need one. The problem is, the range of people who actually need an app is not nearly as large as the range of people who just really want an app.

So when do you need an app? Enlightenment follows! Continue reading

6 Tips to Boost Online Marketing With Offline Marketing

online marketingOnline marketing is more easily measured and often less expensive than offline marketing. However, what many seasoned business owners already know is that good old-fashioned offline marketing strategies are some of the most effective ways to build a solid foundation for growing your business.

What they may be overlooking is that offline marketing can be even more effective when combined with online efforts, and online marketing can be boosted with better offline marketing. If you’re relying on one without the other, you’re selling yourself short.

So, let’s take a look at 6 ways to boost your online marketing with better offline marketing. Continue reading

How to Start Outsourcing Work if You’ve Never Done It

outsourcingWhen you’re running a small business, it’s tempting to do everything yourself. Because you’re attempting to keep operating costs low and maintain control, you may be resistant to hiring the help you need.

But whether your goal is to grow and scale your company or to sustain your current level of success without burning out, you’re sure to benefit from smart outsourcing. If you’re a solo operator, or even if you have a small team, it’s unlikely that you have both the skill set and the bandwidth to handle all of your business needs effectively.

Outsourcing is the process of assigning specific tasks to someone outside of your business so that you and your employees have the time and space to concentrate on growing and running your company. Continue reading

How to Warm Up Your Cold Email Lists

warm email listsYou started to grow your email lists with the best intentions. You heard email marketing is a profitable way to generate leads, convert prospects into customers, and grow your business. So you put an opt-in form on your website, inviting people to sign up for a free offer or to join your newsletter.

Visitors landed on your site, entered their name and email to download their freebie, and started hearing from you regularly. They were warming up to you.

But then you got busy. Your focus turned to running your business, serving your clients, and doing your work. And now the people on your email lists haven’t heard from you in awhile and have grown cold.

You want to reach back out to them, but you’re not sure what to say. Perhaps you’re a little nervous about what they will think and you feel awkward about popping back into their inbox. What if they don’t remember who you are? What if they don’t want to hear from you anymore?

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. It’s actually pretty common. Continue reading

Crazy Useful Chrome Extensions to Get More Done

chrome extensionsThe Google Chrome browser is terrific. I use it tons of times each day. Chrome lets you browse faster, search instantly, and type less. But that’s only the beginning of how helpful it can be! You can make it even more useful with Chrome extensions. It’s easy when you drop by the Chrome Web Store, where you’ll discover tens of thousands of very handy extensions (also called plugins or add-ons) that you can download (mostly for free) and install in virtually seconds.

Chrome extensions are small software programs that can modify and enhance the usefulness of the Chrome Browser. It’s easy to super-charge your browser by adding extensions and customize Google Chrome with more features, functionality, and versatility. That means Chrome extensions help you get more done fast.

Here are seven of our Solamar personal favorites: Continue reading