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How to Grow Your Therapy Practice by Building Your Online Brand

Here at Solamar, as we work with a wide variety of business owners to help them create standout brands, we find that many of our clients fall into the category of “accidental” or “reluctant” entrepreneur. What I mean by this is that they are highly trained and skilled at what they do, and they have…

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Why Optimism Matters in Sales

Entrepreneurship is driven by optimism. A positive outlook is vital to the success of anyone who is growing a business. The remarkable ability to envision and believe in the best possible outcome in any given situation is a trait that sets successful business owners apart from those who struggle. Where others see only obstacles and…

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Is Your Marketing Campaign True to Your Brand?

When you prepare to launch a marketing campaign, can you confidently say that the campaign is true to your company’s brand? The most powerful and persuasive branding is clear, cohesive, and consistent. Because your marketing should enhance your relationship with your audience and move customers to take action, effective marketing campaigns carefully align with your…

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Be Authentic… Be, Be Authentic!

Like a mantra at a high school football game — this is what small business owners should be repeating over and over to themselves. Chant it out loud, write it on a post-it note, or add it to your inspiration board — whatever you do, Be Authentic! What do I mean? Authenticity means finding your…

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