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8 Tips For an Irresistible CTA Button

One of the most important things you can include in a business website is the Call-to-Action (CTA) and the most important part of the CTA is the button. Most visitors arrive at a site with a purpose, and looking to take action. Most websites serve a purpose and need people to take action. The CTA button is the crossroads where those two meet.

That’s why it is important to take extra care with how you design and implement that button! You may think it’s just a simple button, and not worth the extra time worrying about, but even small adjustments to such a critical part of the conversion process can have significant effects on overall performance.

So let’s take a look at the CTA button, and all of the ways you can make sure it is performing as well as possible! Continue reading

6 Tips for Great Email Newsletter Design

email newsletterEmail is still going strong as one of the best ways to reach your audience, and an email newsletter (ezine) is one of the best ways to engage that audience. On top of that, we now have an incredible pool of tools and services that have been created to assist the generation of attractive email newsletters.

So why is it that I still see horribly unattractive newsletters in my inbox all the time?! Just because someone has signed up for your newsletter and given you their precious email address doesn’t mean you can take them for granted! They may have decided to receive content from you, but if you don’t deliver something they actually want to read, they won’t.

Let’s look at a bunch of ways you can ensure that your email newsletter is good-looking and effective. Continue reading

5 Tips For a Better Pre-Launch Page

pre-launch pageWhether you’re launching a new product or getting ready to reveal a new website, it’s often a good idea to put a pre-launch page in place. A good pre-launch page allows you to generate interest about what’s in store, capture emails from people who are excited about it, and get the jump on promotion before the final product is finished.

So what pieces make up a good pre-launch page? Stay tuned, and we’ll drop some tips on you. Continue reading

How to Make Online Forms that Work and Convert

online formsOk people, we’re going to talk about online forms. That’s right, boring old online forms, the least exciting thing on your website, but also a gate through which almost everyone who wants what you have will have to get through in order to complete their interaction. Purchasing something, fill out the shopping cart form. Contacting you for more information, fill out the contact form. Downloading the delicious freebie, fill in the opt-in form.

Like it or not, because of our reliance on them in communication with our clients and customers, online forms hold a lot of power, and if they are made improperly can significantly impact your business. This is why it’s important to make are that the forms you use are easy and quick to fill out.

Luckily, we’ve got a number of tips for you on how to do just that, so stay tuned!

Continue reading

Writing a “Contact Us” Page That Connects

Contact us and blank application concept on green blackboardThere are some pages on your website that are viewed more than others, which makes them more important. Like the Contact Us page. No big surprise.

But, what does surprise me is how many people don’t use this obvious information to their advantage…to optimize that page to get people to connect with their organization. That’s why this is such an important area to focus on.

Your prospects and customers need your contact information, like a phone number or email address, to get in touch with you. Plus when it’s done well, “…an amazing contact page has the ability to entice visitors and convince them to either make a purchase or hire your services,” according to the Search Engine Journal. Continue reading

11 Tips for Writing an Exceptional Email Signature

Depositphotos_44282101_s-2015Many people think of email signatures as an afterthought (especially small and medium sized businesses). Unfortunately, that’s a major missed opportunity to increase brand awareness.

Those signatures are a chance for you to:

  • Make it clear who you are
  • Make it easy for people to reach you
  • Give people a place to go to find out more—about you, about your business, or about something you’re working on
  • Leave a lasting impression

If you’re just putting your name and a point or two of contact information in your signature, you’re not taking full advantage of the opportunity to connect and engage with the people you’re emailing. (Don’t go overboard, either. Jamming your signature full of links and a lot of unnecessary information is just plain spammy and self-promotional. And, if you fill it up with too much stuff, your email is likely to get sent to the spam filter instead of being delivered to your target.)

Here are 11 tips for creating email signatures that are helpful and professional. Continue reading

7 Tips for Advertising on Twitter

Depositphotos_24842955_s-2015Have you ever considered advertising your small business on Twitter? Twitter advertising doesn’t get as much buzz as Facebook advertising, but it’s an option you may want to add to your marketing mix.

Twitter has more than 310 million active monthly users, and its advertising platform provides powerful targeting capabilities that can get your business in front of the right people. You’ll find that the Twitter ad space is not quite as saturated as Google or Facebook ads, so it tends to be less competitive and it gives you a greater opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Here are 7 tips for advertising successfully on Twitter: Continue reading