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6 Tips to Improve Your Local SEO

Your prospective customers are looking for local businesses like yours online. When they search for a business to meet their needs or desires, they enter terms into search engines and get a list of relevant results. Whether or not your business is among those results depends on your local SEO. It’s true that Google knows…

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Spice Up Your Content with Podcasts

If you want to achieve and sustain a competitive advantage, you must provide a wide variety of high-quality content, including regular blog posts. “Variety’s the very spice of life,” said Poet William Cowper’s nearly 300 years ago, and it’s as relevant today. So, you shouldn’t limit yourself to blogs. In fact, Hubspot says that, “Although blogs…

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Six State-of-the-Art Lead Generation Ideas

The typical lead generation process includes creating content that consumers are looking for, driving traffic to those content offers, and capturing leads using optimized calls-to-action and forms. From there, the lead can be supported, nurtured, and turned into a sale. That’s why BOTH lead quality and quantity are so important…and why the entire process is so…

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Do You Have a Blog Content Distribution Plan?

You’re already creating great blog content as part of your content marketing strategy, but are you also effectively marketing that content? If you’re putting in the effort to produce top-quality blog posts, don’t forget to also put a top-notch plan in place to ensure people actually see your posts. Although optimizing your blog content for…

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Content Creation in 2017 for the Attention-Disabled

I recently read that the average human attention span in the 21st century has fallen to just eight seconds—shorter than that of a goldfish. (That’s probably the same or less than a gnat!) “What’s more, 59% of people share articles on Twitter without even reading them, and more than half of all page views are under a minute in length,”…

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