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In the wake of all of the terrible damage done by Hurricane Sandy, we wanted to take this space to encourage you to donate whatever you can to the relief effort, but we don’t want to be a total downer and we still want to give you your usual fun tech tips and advice!

So, in that spirit, we bring you a guide to some fun new ways you can give to the charites and organizations involved in clean-up.


You know with chartible giving, just like every other little thing we do, there’s an app for that. One brand new effort is an app called Budge, released on the iPhone last week, which turns giving into a social gaming experience. Using the app, you can challenge your friends and co-workers to a “budge”, which can be literally anything — a game of basketball, a round of Words With Friends, remembering to take out the trash (or not) — and then the loser donates to a charity of your choice. All of this integrates with Facebook, so you can let your friends know about your heroic conquest, and your charitable nature. Find more information at

Another app, Raise5, let’s people engage in “micro-volunteering” by donating servies, with the fee for those services going to the charity of your choice. A quick visit to the site revealed services ranging from graphic design and marketing consultation, to proofreading and cooking lessons. One user offered to sketch a video game charachter if you gave five dollars to a charity bringing clean water to developing nations. For more information, visit


Those of you with an iPhone, iPad or any other device that can connect to the iOS app store or iTunes store, are even closer to an easy donation than you think, thanks to some quick action by the folks at Cupertino. Similarly to what it did for the disasters in Haiti and Japan, Apple has begun accepting donations through a special Hurricane Sandy Relief page, with donations to the American Red Cross in amounts of $5, $10, $25, $50, $100 or $200. Whatever tier you decide to choose, 100% of those funds will be donated and charged to the credit card associated with your iTunes account. Thanks, Apple!