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How to Get Supercharged for a New Campaign this Fall

trees-233466_640Fall is finally here. The kids are back in school, your summer vacation has come to an end, and it’s time to get back into your groove. Not that entrepreneurs fully indulge in the lazy days of summer, but marketing activity does tend to slow down a bit as small business owners step away from their laptops for some fun in the sun.

But if you slowed down your marketing, you may be noticing business is a bit slower than you would like right now. If you have a new program or product launching soon or you’re ready to ramp up your sales, it’s time to get moving with your marketing. Now that you’re back into the swing of things, here are 3 ways to get supercharged for your next campaign:

Get Inspired

One of the best ways to supercharge your own marketing is to get inspired by marketing and promotions by other businesses. But rather than looking around your own industry, seek inspiration elsewhere. If you look for inspiration from people in your bubble, you might find yourself inadvertently copying what they do, blending in, or worse yet, getting caught in the comparison trap.

Instead, look around you for inspiration from… Continue reading

8 Keys to a Successful Launch


At any given moment there are thousands of launches going on. Products, programs, websites, blogs, ideas…. And trying to get your message heard through all of the noise is no easy feat.

So, in order to help you make your next launch your best launch, I’m going to share the 8 keys to success that I’ve learned from nearly 8 years designing, managing and writing for launches. Continue reading