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The MailChimp Opt-In Reversal and You

Welp, go figure. Just a few months after we wrote about embracing the double opt-in for email lists after switching to MailChimp, they’ve done an about-face on their opt-in policy and made all of their forms single opt-in by default.

Looking at the reaction from the MailChimp community, it seems to be a controversial move, especially since MailChimp has spent years trying to convince people that double opt-in is the one true way. Personally, I’m for it. While I believe that double opt-in is still a much more secure way of doing things, and leads to higher-quality leads, I also think having a choice to do things the way you want is better. There are certainly instances where a single opt-in, which requires no more input from the user once they enter their information the first time, leads to a much smoother user experience.

However, rather than let you make that choice on your own time, MailChimp has decided to convert all of its forms to the single opt-in unless you go in and tell it not to. They started this process early last week, but it wasn’t live for everyone until last Friday. If you’ve been using double opt-in on any of your Mailchimp forms, and you don’t want them to become single opt-in, you’ll need to take action to make sure they continue to operate as intended. Stick around, and I’ll walk you through it. Continue reading

Embrace the Double-Optin for Email Lists!

Here at Solamar, we just finished a big switch from Infusionsoft to Mailchimp for all of our online forms / email management. While Infusionsoft is great, we just didn’t need that powerful of a system for what we were trying to accomplish with it, and Mailchimp is our total fave if you don’t need all of the power that Infusionsoft offers.

As we were thinking through the migration and how best to approach it, one issue came up — Mailchimp requires a double-optin for list sign-ups.

What this means is that when someone fills out a form on our site, they don’t automatically get entered into the list on Mailchimp. First, they get sent a confirmation email asking them if they reeeaaaalllly wanted to sign up. Only once they click the button in that email are they finally added to the list and taken to any thank-you pages.

At first, we were like, “Heck, no!” The last thing we wanted to do was add more complexity to the process for our visitors, and were afraid of losing people if the confirmation ended up in a spam folder (which sometimes happens). We wanted signing up to be as simple and painless as possible. What if they missed the confirmation email, or got annoyed at having to take another step and didn’t continue? Continue reading

6 Tips for Great Email Newsletter Design

email newsletterEmail is still going strong as one of the best ways to reach your audience, and an email newsletter (ezine) is one of the best ways to engage that audience. On top of that, we now have an incredible pool of tools and services that have been created to assist the generation of attractive email newsletters.

So why is it that I still see horribly unattractive newsletters in my inbox all the time?! Just because someone has signed up for your newsletter and given you their precious email address doesn’t mean you can take them for granted! They may have decided to receive content from you, but if you don’t deliver something they actually want to read, they won’t.

Let’s look at a bunch of ways you can ensure that your email newsletter is good-looking and effective. Continue reading

7 Tips to Keep People Coming Back to Your Website

Foot traffic lines and arrowsAttracting visitors to your website is no easy task, but it’s only the first step in establishing a meaningful and profitable online relationship with your potential customers and deepening your connection with existing customers in a way that leads to repeat business.

Your website has the potential to be a powerful marketing vehicle and function as an invaluable tool within your sales process, but one visit very rarely seals the deal. You’ve got to keep first-time visitors coming back for more. Conversion percentages vary by industry, but across the board, the majority of your website visitors are just stopping by, researching, browsing, and kicking tires; they are not yet ready to buy yet.

So how do you get them to return? Here are 7 tips to get people to come back to your website for more: Continue reading

9 Easy Ways to Make Your e-Newsletter More Useful to Your Audience

NewsletterEveryone knows that e-newsletters create and build relationships with customers and clients. Plus, e-newsletters provide you with a vehicle for ongoing one-on-one messaging and communications. When people subscribe, they are giving you permission to contact them, and in turn, expect reliable, useful information.

Instead of helpful content, unfortunately, I often see e-newsletters that are only about the senders’ businesses and selling their stuff. All the “me, me, me” material can be a major turn-off to readers, who want more about how you can help “them, them, them.” Remember, it’s not about you…it’s about how you help them!

A great newsletter that people look forward to and really want to read lets the good stuff shine through. So, consider these 9 points to keep your e-newsletter more helpful, useful, and valuable to your targets. Continue reading

How to Create an Irresistible Free Opt-In Offer

checked-295296_1280Want to grow your business using online marketing? Then growing your email list is one of the smartest moves you can make.

Email marketing is a proven way to cultivate relationships with highly interested prospects. When they trust you with their email address, they are raising their hand and letting you know they’re interested. By staying in touch and providing valuable tips, insights, and useful information consistently, you’re setting yourself up to become a trusted, top-of-mind, go-to resource.

But before you start dishing out generous tidbits in your email marketing, you’ve got to entice the right people to opt in for your list. And because there’s so much information out there, what you’re offering better be good. In fact, it needs to be irresistible. Even though it’s free, it has to be worth their time and attention. Your free opt-in offer — also known as a lead magnet, ethical bribe, or free taste — has to be something they need or desire. Continue reading

Does Your Newsletter Pop?

graffiti-429323_640I’d say it’s common marketing knowledge at this point that utilizing an email newsletter (or ezine) for your business has many benefits, but for those who are new to the party, let’s have a refresher, shall we?

An email newsletter is an email you send to a list of subscribers on a recurring basis (once a week or month), usually with casual content like article excerpts, short personal messages and announcements. You don’t see a lot of pushy sales content in newsletters, though their ultimate goal is often to sell or generate leads. They do this by regularly placing your brand along-side bite-size pieces of interesting content that make it more likely for people to both remember you and click through to your pages.

The catch is, your newsletter needs to POP! You can’t just write an email, call it a newsletter and send it off to your list. Or, at least, you shouldn’t expect good results if you do. Though email clients are still in the stone-age compared to browsers when it comes to displaying beautifully styled content, forward thinking newsletter designers have found ways to make even the stodgiest email clients (I’m looking at you Outlook), display attractive and responsive email newsletters.

So how do you make your newsletter pop? Stay tuned, and I’ll give you a few tips! Continue reading