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How to Write News Releases that Get Noticed

Newspaper headlinesJournalists, websites, and various organizations are swamped with news releases from businesses of all sizes day in and day out. It’s been happening time and time again since the first news release was sent out (about a train wreck) over 110 years ago.

Every one of those releases has had the same objective: to gain positive media attention and coverage. So how the heck do you, as a small business or entrepreneur, make your releases stand out and shine?

You can spend hours (or even days) carefully crafting each word in what you think is the perfect news release. Then, you distribute it and wait for the onslaught of phone calls, emails, and congrats that (unfortunately!) never come. Huh? What the…? Maybe there’s good reason they’re ignoring your releases.

A PRNewser article from the Adweek Blog Network showed that journalists, “…received approximately 50 releases every week—and spent less than one minute reading each one he or she opened.” What really annoys them is:

  • Releases that aren’t relevant to the beats/areas they cover
  • Releases that aren’t relevant to their readers
  • Bad writingin releases
  • Releases that go on too long without making a point

So, stop annoying people and deliver news content your target news sources want to use to fill space, airtime, and websites. To make your news releases stand out, simply follow these 9 terrific tips. Continue reading

How to Build a Press Page That Works

camera-711040_640As an entrepreneur, you spend tons of time trying to generate interest in you and your business. You send out press releases, work your social connections and spend lots of time trying to drive interested traffic to your website.

But all of that work can be for naught if your website doesn’t have an effective Press page. Internet visitors are fickle beasts, even the journalists among them, and if they can’t find what they are looking for quickly, they are liable to move on.

The media-professionals visiting your site will usually be looking to bypass the sales and marketing sections and dial straight into the info that establishes you as an authority, or provides official concrete information on how to contact you, or who you are. In addition, if they are doing a story on you, journalists will need access to photos, bios and any other information they might need in order to complete and publish their work.

Clearly, having an effective Press page is an important part of any modern marketing strategy, so here are a few tips for making yours as useful as possible. Continue reading

What a Great Press Kit Can Do For You and Your Business

chelsea-berler-press-kitPress kits aren’t just for huge businesses anymore or ones that are looking for massive media exposure. They don’t even have to be printed “kits” (online PDFs are fine now), and they are certainly not just for the press.

So, the name is confusing! Perhaps that’s why press kits are also called speaker’s kits. But I thought of a few even better names than that — small business information kit, business identity package, information package or get-to-know-you kit.

That’s because a press kit is meant to inform everyone about you and your business (not just the press). However, for quick reference (and to make it easy to understand) in this post it will just be called a press kit.

Why you need a press kit

When someone asks about you or your company, you should be able to give them more information than fits on a business card. A business card delivers contact information, including the who, where and possibly even a tag line, but there’s not a whole lot of room for much more.

Instead, a press kit is really helpful, especially when people can easily and quickly access it online with a click-through on your company’s website. A press kit tells them exactly what you do, how you do it, which clients and customers you do it for and why people should buy from you, use your services or tap into your expertise as a speaker or blogger.

A press kit is a succinct overview of what your company does from your potential client’s point of view or from the perspective of any person or organization that wants to work with you. It conveys your business brand message and identity in a clear, compelling, “snapshot” format. It’s an essential for every entrepreneur and growing business.

6 business benefits of a magnificent press kit

There are 6 specific benefits of having a well written and designed press kit ready and waiting at your fingertips:

  1. Supports your brand. A press kit that is true and consistent with your brand is one more way to focus your brand messaging. As we said in a recent post, every piece of content, including your website, social media and collateral should be branded with your messaging, logo, color suite and contact information. Remember, consistency is the key to effectively building brand recognition.
  2. Puts vital information at the fingertips of everyone that needs to know about you and your business…fast. People who want to work with you or have you speak to their target audience want to know all about you in a few minutes or less. A press kit gives them what they need…nothing more, nothing less. And it’s available instantly online and can be printed and sent out via email or snail mail at a moment’s notice. This makes it the perfect resource for reporters covering your business or organizations introducing you at an event.
  3. Conveys your brand voice (the personality of your business). Your press kit is a reflection of who you are and what your business stands for. When done right, it has a unique voice that sparkles and shows the way your business stands out from the competition. A great press kit is professional, yet uses language that’s consistent with the tone and feel of who you are…and can even be a bit fun and entertaining (which really helps organizations looking for speakers and bloggers with pizzazz).
  4. Gives you and your brand a face with professional looking photographs. Whether you are selling products or selling yourself, strategically using photographs of you, your staff and your stuff breaks up copy and adds humanity to otherwise lifeless text and visual interest to the kit. No matter if you are selling products or selling yourself, photographs show some of the enthusiasm, features, and benefits that you bring to the party.
  5. Allows you to quickly update your facts. It’s easy to keep your press kit up-to-date with current pictures, client testimonials, recent awards and accolades, speaking engagements and topics and today’s products and services. Much like a resume, your most recent work is what matters most to clients, prospects, media professionals and organizations that want you to speak to them.
  6. Can improve search results…and leads. An effective press kit includes the right buzzwords and keywords to improve Google search hits and all-around SEO. When people are looking for businesses with your expertise they will find you and be able to discover what you have to offer. (Check out the press kit for our founder and president, Chelsea Berler. The last six months have been a bit of a whirlwind for her, so it’s slightly out of date, but never-the-less, it’s been getting tons of hits and leads…and that’s what having a great press kit is all about!)

Creating a memorable, business-building press kit takes the kind of special talent, flair and expertise that the experts at Solamar deliver. We have experience creating press kits…and the writing, designing and marketing pros to build a powerful new press kit for your business or dramatically upgrade your current one. Talk to us…we’ve got what it takes to help put you and your business on the map…and keep it there!