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beachHooray! Summer is here (well, officially it’s right around the corner, but it’s beginning to feel like summer). Let’s all give thanks for the many joys of summertime: beaches, cold beverages, camping and fireflies, to name a few.

Of course, for those of us running a business, summer can also be a time for concern. The more folks who are enjoying their frosty brews while catching fireflies near a camp on the beach means less people to engage your services. The slow-down can be frightnening, but don’t fret! The extra space summer slowdown affords you can be used in a number of ways that will strengthen you and your business.
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Hello! We’ve all managed to survive the turn of the year in (relatively) good shape, and now it’s time to buck up, dig in and get to work. Unfortunately, right as we all try to get back on the horse, nature is conspiring against us. That’s right, I’m talking about the flu.

That’s right, the flu. If you haven’t noticed, it’s everywhere. Not only did flu season come early this year, it’s also a doozy, one of the worst flu seasons in many years. Over twenty people have died, some cities have declared public health emergencies due to the large number of flu cases and officials have stated on CNN that we are in “what would classically be described as a flu epidemic.” Continue reading


The holidays are in full swing, and for many of you that will mean engaging in one of the most frustrating activities it is possible to undertake — holiday travel.

The holidays should be a time for relaxation, comraderie and indulgence, but in order to reach such things, first we must brave the crowded airports, interminable delays, cramped rental cars and start and stop traffic that is our beleaguered transportation system.

Here then, are a few tips for the tech-savvy to make your adventure home a little more tolerable. We can’t stop your flight from being delayed or your toddler from spilling yogurt all over the back seat, but at least we can take the edge off a bit. Cheers!

Don’t Tech and Drive!

This one should be obvious by now, given the numerous anti-texting and driving laws out there, but it can’t hurt to reiterate. If you are the one doing the driving, unplug. Turn off that cell-phone. It’s not just texting that can be a problem. These days, smart phones alert you every few seconds to something or another, and try as you might, it is almost impossible to ignore those little dings and chimes completely. Don’t risk it! If you were to have a wreck, not only would it ruin your holiday, but also every other car on the road with you that is delayed by your irresponsibility.

Hashtag Angry

If you are flying this holiday season, then you should already be prepared for delays. One single storm or error light can bring the already tight flight schedules to a grinding halt, forcing your flight to be delayed or worse, cancelled. So, don’t be surprised! Traditional methods of dealing with these wrinkles involve waiting on hold for hours with indifferent customer service reps, but in this modern age, you have other recourse. Namely, Twitter! Many of the airlines have begun to pay close attention to their twitter feeds, and have actually sent confirmation of new flight info via the social media service. It’s not always so, but it can’t hurt to try and it’ll certainly be faster and less filled with awful hold music.

Leave Work Alone

This is the one time of year that we all have an excuse to take a break from the daily grind. If you are on vacation, the likelyhood is that so are your co-workers. No matter how urgent it might seem, try to avoid contacting them about business. Most people will feel obligated to respond, even if it interrupts their well-deserved off time. If you absolutely must make contact, apologize profusely first.

We just launched a brand new program here at Solamar called Build + Grow 2013, and we want to tell you all about it.

According to a 2011 study by Intuit, small business start-ups have a 49% chance of failing within 5 years. That’s only about a fifty-fifty chance of success.

The trick to staying power and growth is knowing how to get going and keep going, month after month and year after year. Don’t become one of the start-ups that get stuck–forever trapped and immovable like a deer in headlights, not knowing what to do next–because they couldn’t figure out how to really take off and succeed. Throughout the next year, let Solamar founder and CEO Chelsea Berler be your guide in helping you grow and succeed. With Build + Grow 2013, you can dramatically improve your odds of making it BIG.

Every month in 2013, you’ll receive an in-depth lesson on CD walking you step-by-step through specific strategies, systems and processes that you need to grow your business. Whether its marketing and lead generation, CRM and shopping cart training or hosting 6-figure live events, you will walk away with actionable steps that you can implement right away and see measurable results.

There’s so much more to tell you about Build + Grow 2013 than we can fit in this space, so please click here to get information about all the benefits you will receive, plus a few bonus gifts we’re throwing in to sweeten the deal. We know you’ll like what you see!


I hope you had a very relaxing Labor Day weekend, full of family and fun. I know we here at Solamar did! Now that we’re feeling in the swing of things, we have a few tidbits of info to throw your way, something to brag about and something to clear up. It won’t take long, I promise.

Did You Have Issues?

A few people mentioned that they had an issue trying to access our Sola-Shop after our last newsletter, and we’ve looked into the issue and sorted everything out. If you were one of those folks, please take a second to check out our shop again. We’ve got a bunch of neat stuff in there that we are really excited about, including a series of incredible how-to CDs by Andrea J. Lee. You cen get there by clicking here. Have fun!

Solamar Nominated for Small Business Award

We were recently nominated for an award by the Birmingham Business Alliance’s “Small Business Awards 2012” in the category of Small Business of the Year (1-50 employees). We will be attending the event on September 20th, so wish us luck. There are a number of really incredible businesses in our category, and we are just honored to be chosen as a nominee, but it would be sweet to win!

If you would like to work for our (potentially) award-winning team, we are currently hiring, and we would be more than happy to see what great things you have to offer. Please drop us a line at, or visit us at

Getting Rid of GoDaddy

If you’re like a lot of other folks earlier this week, you were inconvenienced in some way by GoDaddy’s outage. The blackout, at first thought to be caused by an attack from the Anonymous hacking collective, was eventually revealed to be caused by problems within Godaddy’s own infrastructure. Nevertheless, in some cases it caused individual business’ up to $50,000 worth of damage in lost sales, so many are rightfully considering moving their websites to a new DNS server, or to new hosting altogether.

If you are one of those people, here is a list of GoDaddy alternatives we recommend you look at:

Domain Servers: –
Hover –
Namecheap –

Hosting Providers:

Media Temple –
DreamHost –
HostGator –


For those of us who make our way in the fast-paced, tech-centric business climate of today, it can be hard to turn away from our myriad devices and towards the things we should be focused on during the holidays, like spending time with our families and friends or relieving stress build-up.

Sure, you make plans to grill with some close compatriots, or head to the lake with mom & pop, but are you really there? More likely than not, if you have your cell-phone or other connected device with you, the answer is no. When, at any moment, an email can pull you pack to work, or the latest AP News update about some inconsequential event can tear you away from that story your daughter was telling you, you are not truly present.

That is why, this Labor Day, we at Solamar encourage you to turn off your phones, tablets, wi-fi enabled dune buggies, or whatever else it is that you have rigged to feed your need for connection. Go outside and take a deep breath. Give someone you love a hug, and spend the afternoon telling stories. Eat good food until you pass out and don’t feel guilty about it.

Its ok, the internet won’t disappear while you’re gone. We promise.