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5 SEO Tricks That No Longer Work

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SEO changes all the time. Staying in the know when it comes to search engine updates and best practices is far more than a full-time job. However, if you want to avoid getting penalized by Google or falling for inflated promises based on outdated tricks, it’s important to know which one-time “tried and true” tactics can get you into trouble now.

Here are 5 old-school SEO tricks you can skip, because they not only don’t work — they work against you. Continue reading

Google Is About to Penalize Your Popups!

As far as marketing tools go, popups are getting on in years. Though they remain incredibly popular today, popups have become an increasingly annoying fixture of the web experience, especially as we transition into a mobile-dominant browsing space. Because of the limited screen real-estate afforded to most mobile devices, even popups that only took up a modest portion of the screen on desktop usually become full-screen on mobile, blocking out all content until you win a game of “Find the X” and manage to close the thing.

screenshot-2016-09-18-11-03-03 Continue reading

Writing Better Meta Descriptions for More Click-Throughs

Code syntax on a computer screenSearch engine optimization has changed a lot over the past few years. You have to pay attention to SEO guidelines to make sure your website shows up competitively in the search engines, like Google. The good news is that WordPress is built as an SEO-friendly content management system (CMS) to help make your life easier.

But, SEO is only the beginning of how searchers find and want to click-through to your web pages. You need to pay special attention to your meta descriptions, as well. Continue reading

9 Ways to Bring Content Back From the Dead

funny cartoon zombieYou spend a lot of time researching and writing all those blogs and other content. Then, people read them. After which, the content dies a slow and painful death. R.I.P.

Don’t let that happen! Instead, find new ways to bring your content back to life, reach new and larger audiences, and be green, as well. It’s possible to keep content out of the graveyard when you reuse, recycle and repurpose your content.

Think about it…not everyone likes to read blogs. According to Huffington Post, “… creating other forms of content gives you an opportunity to engage people with different learning styles.”

“One of the best ways to continuously make quality content available is to repurpose your existing content. Repurposing content saves you time and allows you to get more mileage out of your efforts. Reusing what you already have in a creative way is practical and makes good business sense,” as we said in a previous Solamar post.

First consider what content is evergreen, popular, or could use a little updating. Then consider these 9 ways to give your content a new lease on life. Continue reading

What’s Up With Google?

Google-Fonts-LogoIt’s well known that Google is a company constantly in flux. Whether they’re updating their algorithm, rolling out new features or whole new sections of their service, or buying up smaller companies left and right, staying still has never been in the Google playbook.

Lately, they’ve really stepped up the pace of change, and so we’re going to take some time to check and see what the latest is all about, and whether it really is the greatest.

So stay tuned, and we’ll give you the skinny. Continue reading

5 Fool-Proof Tips to Future-Proof Your Marketing

FutureDriven by fast-and-furious technological changes, products are being developed and launched with increasing speed…making earlier versions less useful. “We live in a disposable, ‘cast-off and throw-away’ society that has largely lost any real sense of permanence. Ours is a world of expiration dates, limited shelf life, and planned obsolescence. Nothing is absolute,” according to now-deceased Bahamian author and minister  Myles Munroe.

One thing you CAN future-proof is your multi-channel (or omnichannel) marketing. Instead of reacting to every current fad and whim, you can have a strategy that’s more flexible, adaptable, and appropriate for a longer time. In other words, even as sophisticated technologies evolve, …timely concepts, tested, tried-and-true strategies, and defined marketing goals, “…will have a longer shelf life, are more pliable, and will evolve as technology advances,” says Direct Marketing News.

Here’s how to future-proof your marketing… Continue reading

WordPress Plugins We Love: All in One SEO PAck

all-in-one-seoOne of the reasons we love WordPress so much is the vast number of plugins it has available to extend the built-in functionality. But since there are over 40,000 plugins available in the repository, we thought it would be fun to help you sort through the pile by recommending a few of our favorites. These will be plugins we use all the time, have thoroughly tested and highly suggest using if you are looking for what they offer.

As we mentioned in a recent post, WordPress is an awesome Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool right out of the box, but with a little help, it can do so much more! One of the best ways to make that happen is to install a top-of-class SEO plugin to extend the built-in functionality. While there are many plugins that claim to power-up your SEO, a few stand above the rest by providing a wide array of tools, are easy to use, and don’t impact the performance of your site. Of these, we have found All in One SEO Pack to be the best of the breed.

All in One SEO was created by Michael Torbert and Steve Mortiboy in 2007 and is one of the more venerable plugins out there. According to their site, it is the most downloaded plugin for WordPress (with almost 30-million downloads), and for good reason! So what makes this plugin so great? Stick around, and we’ll drop some truth on you. Continue reading