We are all of the above…and so much more! Sure, we’re a savvy boutique marketing agency focusing on rock-star branding, eye-catching design, and grab-their-attention content. Plus, we also stretch boundaries and redefine what an agency does. We use our super-hero skills to tell the world who you are and how you make a difference. We connect you to your target audience and sell them your products, services and programs…through marketing and branding experiences, business-building relationships, strategic consulting, and team support. We’re also tech savvy to support and manage all your online efforts, including setting up your site on an easy-to-manage-and-update WordPress system.

Whatever you need, we get it done. On strategy. On time. On budget. On target. Every time. From entirely new or revised websites to blogs, sales pages, magazine articles, social media, emails, auto-responders (AR), direct response, and more—Solamar does it all from beginning to end and everything in-between. There’s no project to big or job too small. We help you as little or as much as you want. Bottom line: we’re here to get sh*t done! Take a look at the wide variety of stuff we do for our clients.

We serve all sorts of big clients, small clients, and one-person operations. These businesses are all over the U.S., around the world, and across a wide variety of industries. We’ve worked with manufacturing companies, coaches, consultants, wedding event planners, insurance companies, therapists, photographers, lawyers, franchises, schools, real-estate agents, non-profits, title companies, fitness outfitters, and many other businesses that are looking for a full-service, high-touch marketing agency that will helps brand their businesses, design their online and off-line materials, create their copy and content, manage their websites, and assist them in fully leveraging everything that the Web has to offer. Check out our growing client list.

They are run by intelligent, confident leaders who are just as driven by surprising and delighting their clients and customers as they are by making money. They are mission-driven, clever men and women, who really enjoy life and want to make building their business the coolest thing they’ve ever done and most fun they’ve ever had. Sometimes they just need our help in determining what to do, when to do it, and how to make it happen. Sometimes they need a whole lot more. It’s entirely up to them. (If this sounds like you, we should chat.)

Your needs are right up our alley. We built our own business from modest roots, just like you. We like to identify low cost/high payoff activities that will generate revenue for you. By doing that, we’re setting you up to have money coming in while we’re supporting you. All so you can keep growing.

We get that you’re working on a tight budget and trying to get a good deal. But, you will soon realize that working “on the cheap” is not as a good deal as it may first appear…and may end up as a costly mistake. You already see that it takes a lot of juggling to co-ordinate what everyone’s doing and stay on schedule. They may be undercharging because they’re inexperienced, so you’re paying for them to make mistakes and learn on your dime. You could well end up with a website that looks and sounds just like everyone else’s, not one designed to meet your needs. And worse, you could end up paying a lot more to fix up the messes and handle revisions. What you need is one professional company, like Solamar, to handle everything and make sure it works. We aren’t necessarily the cheapest option, but you will find that we are reasonably accessible for even small business clients and nonprofits. We have built a solid reputation for smoothly delivering quality, high-performing websites, while always keeping our clients’ best interests as our top priority. Check out what our clients have to say about us.

Nope, that’s not a good choice for you. Writing for the web can be as tricky as designing for it, and we want to make sure every visitor to your site can find key information quickly and easily. We also want you to have Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rich copy that’s picked up via Google and other search engines…and meets Google’s current (and ever-changing) criteria. We offer copywriting and web content writing services because we understand how visitors interact with the words on a webpage and how to create a tone that represents your brand. This is generally a collaborative process with you and our writers. Then, our writers work with our designers to make sure it all looks as good as it sounds.

Yes, you do! We have systems and processes in place to allow you to work with anyone or everyone on our team. However, one of the aspects of working with Solamar that our clients like best is that we take you out of the details. When you become a client, you are assigned an Account Manager (AM), who becomes your main point of contact, your right hand, your coordinator for everything Solamar! Your AM will facilitate and manage your projects with the entire team—so you don’t have to worry about remembering who to go to for what. You can simply focus on the bigger picture, while we take care of the rest and all the nitty-gritty details.

We have many strategists and brand specialists on the team, who can help you map out a plan that makes sense—whether it involves planning and executing a launch, designing and running your website, developing content, writing blogs, hosting events, or doing a complete overhaul of your brand. Once we know the result you’re after, your Account Manager will staff your projects with the right people from our team to make it happen for you.

One of the best parts about the Solamar team is their depth of expertise. We take your business seriously, so we make sure that everyone on our team has the high level skills, expertise, and experience necessary to produce exceptional work. Our team is filled with brand gurus, experienced web designers, ninja-like copywriters, admin superheroes, technology geniuses, and subject matter experts, who’ve spent years perfecting their crafts so you can reap the rewards. We’ve hired all of the best and put them under one virtual roof. So, if serious expertise is what you want, we don’t disappoint.

Most visionaries have a bucket full of really great (and big!) ideas. Think of Solamar as your ‘”hands and feet on the ground.” We are amazing implementers. It’s what we do best. We finish things. As we always say, “We get sh*t done!” So as long as you bring your vision and juicy ideas, we’ll take the lead and make sure it happens in the best possible way.

Every client is different, and we never want anyone to “fit inside a box,” so we help them where they need help most. We want to create whatever you need to get the outcome you want. For some we have designed a brand new website. For others, we’ve put together a day-by-day 2-month launch calendar for a new product, written sales page copy, and done too many auto-response emails to count. We’ve also created a training course, answered emails, brainstormed ideas for a new business direction, conducted a thorough strategic business assessment, and created a comprehensive social media plan. Plus, we’ve de-bugged a website, straightened out ordering processes, written lots of blogs, and researched and published an article for a magazine, plus completed numerous other activities. It’s important to know that in every facet of your business, we will be there. From admin to very high level design, branding, writing, and strategy—we want to be your home for great work and great follow-through.

We have a great input process that is super easy for you! Simply contact info@solamarmarketing.com, call us at 800-780-8388 or fill out our contact form, and let us know you’d like to move forward with Solamar. We will then guide you into the next steps to get going. And the best part—we can normally start within a short time after hearing from you!