Hot Dang! Service Packages for Any Business!


Listen, we’ve all been there. You have a quickie project or issue, right?!

You know you won’t need a whole 5 hour package to complete it… so you’re looking for a couple of hours max to get it done without having to commit to a package, yeah? No sweat. We’ve got you covered. This is our per hour rate. Question? Hit us up.


Hourly Rate


This package ensures your website always has a strong pulse!

No one ever wants to grab the defibrillator paddles! But if you don’t keep your website happy and clean, it could very well cripple your business. You can find yourself spending thousands of dollars trying to fix a mess left by hackers or find out your backups weren’t working and you have to rebuild. Let us make sure you’re set up for success without those pesky setbacks. Here’s what we’ll do: Ensure your plugins are working and up-to-date (often the culprits to hacking attempts). Check your backups and keep them running strong. Run an audit for broken links on your website (which can tank your SEO and user experience). Analyze security and malware detection. Plus, we’ll send you a monthly report so you know everything is running smoothly.


Flat Fee Per Month


This novice package includes 5 hours of Solamar Support.

This package is best used for strategy sessions, collateral material (hello, business cards!) and small projects. Oh, and ongoing techie maintenance is our middle name – we’ll hook you up!


5 Hours ($100/hr)


This package includes 10 hours of Solamar Support.

Everyone needs a good boost! You’ll be surprised at how much we can get done within 10 hours! This package is a favorite of ours because we can create cool stuff on a budget!


10 Hours ($90/hr)


This package includes 20 hours of Solamar Support.

You’re there. Right in the middle of frustration and excitement. Your business is booming and you need a team of superhero’s to save the day. Consider this package life-changing!


20 Hours ($85/hr)


This package includes 35 hours of Solamar Support.

You are ready to move beyond the day to day… YOU are now ready to innovate, create and get a move on. Let’s create multiple streams of income together. Weee!


35 Hours ($80/hr)


This package includes 55 hours of Solamar Support.

Ready to take the world by the horns? You have created, innovated, developed; now you are ready to lead. With a team behind you and a structure to hold you, you can focus on what you do best—being the star of your life and your business.


55 Hours ($75/hr)


This package includes 75 hours of Solamar Support.

There’s no stopping you now! You’ve been successfully running a business and you have enough volume (in services, support or products) to keep a team—the size of a football team—busy!


55 Hours ($70/hr)

Rock Star

You Rock!

You’re officially rock star status.. and I’m guessing you need more than 75 hours of Solamar Support? We have an option for that too! We’ll create a package that is JUST RIGHT for you! Contact us for Elite client pricing at


Mega Hours!