gabby“I wanted to let you know that it has been an absolute pleasure working with Debbie and your team. Thanks!”
Gabrielle Bernstein,
Solamar has truly been a lifesaver for my business — and quite possibly my marriage — since I was formerly working 24/7 trying to do everything myself! They completely understand solopreneurs and know just where to plug in to make your product launches, websites, and email campaigns successful. Not only are they creative geniuses, but they are some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet and respond to requests with almost lightening-fast speed. Highly recommend them!
Courtney Armstrong,
If you’re starting your own business, there are probably plenty of things you’re good at. And more than a couple that you are NOT so good at. I approached the Solamar team at a deep deficit in website development and all things associated therewith. They made the process dead simple. I have a hard time even expressing what I like when it comes to design, but Chelsea and her team were basically able to read my mind and give me exactly what I needed and wanted. And they are still always there to answer any question or offer any additional support I might need. You won’t find a better, more supportive team to help you succeed.
Mandee Caldwell,
“We have partnered with Chelsea Berler and her team at Solamar for close to three years. They simply do wonderful work. And, they are so much fun and easy to work with that every interaction is a joy. Our platforms Daughters In Charge and From Founder To CEO would not be experiencing all the success they have had without Team Solamar Agency. I HIGHLY recommend you call them.”
Todd Uterstaedt,
“Solamar has been my ‘go to’ agency for all my website design, marketing collateral and audits for the past several years. Their customer service is stellar! Chelsea and Kari have ALWAYS kept their promises in meeting their deliverables which is such an anomaly in this industry. They are a joy (and fun!) to work with. They operate in the highest integrity and are super professional. I just LOVE them.”
Rita Hovakimian,
cari cole“Chelsea and her team at Solamar are superheroes of the web and marketing world. As an online business owner, you often can’t wait for issues to be resolved. I can’t even begin to thank her enough for coming to our rescue with speed, savvy, and such a high-level of professionalism. Answers to our requests are only a few minutes away and handled with care and true problem-solving genius. I’ve never had such an attentive, master team at my fingertips, and I can see how fast our business can grow with them by our side. Solamar is a 5-star company. They get a big #highfive from us. Plus, they are so much fun to work with!”
Cari Cole,
nicole newman“I have worked with Solamar for several years on many projects. They have managed to exceed my expectations every time. Everyone I have interacted with at Solamar has been so kind and prompt with any response. I aspire to answer emails as promptly as Chelsea! I highly recommend Solamar to my friends, colleagues and family!”
Nicole Newman,
Kimberly Doehnert“Solamar took my business to the next level! It all started with the most amazing web site :-) Thank you Chelsea!”

“THIS will be my biggest, best launch! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Your patience, professionalism, and pure knowledge of my product…made this possible!”
Kimberly Doehnert, MBA, IFBB Figure Pro

Becky Brillon“It is really difficult to put into words how awesome you and your team really are… but, I do know we will be forever grateful for the work and energy that Solamar brought to our site. You all uncovered back-end issues and cleaned up unnecessary clutter that created a surge in website traffic in the first month of repair. We are getting rave reviews on our new logo, the website, and tone of our marketing materials.”
Becky Brillon,
kim-bowen-head“I never dreamed how difficult it would be to launch a new private practice! It is so rewarding and yet exhausting. It truly gives me peace of mind to know Solamar is there to help me when I have questions or need something to look professional. I constantly get compliments on the quamality of my website. That is so important since it is the first impression of me the public sees. Chelsea is even good at providing the encouraging pep talk just when I need it. Solamar has made my solo practice feel like a joint venture!”
Kim Bowen,
andrea-j-lee-2“Chelsea, the love you showed through your care to every detail at the Midas Camp LIVE event, down to the little gold leaf on the Golden Goose blackberry and the Midas Gold dessert, was like a glorious sunrise filled with awe and love. I am a better leader, lover, and friend because of you, knowing you and being near you. Thank you for so much.”
Andrea J. Lee,
Kat Perkins“Solamar has gone above and beyond my expectations at every step of the process and I couldn’t be happier with the work they’ve done. The brand, the feel, the layout are all spot on and they designed it in such a way that even I can go in and modify or make changes easily from wherever I’m at, home or on the road!”
Kat Perkins,
jeremie-miller“I am more of a big picture kind of guy. I get lost in all the little tasks that need to get done, or at least that used to be the case. Working with Solamar provides me with the help I need in getting all of these little bits done and off the list, and the best part is: almost all of the getting done part gets done without me even having to know. In just a few months, Solamar has helped me: format and deliver an opt-in and email newsletter, start my new blog, create a new banner, make branded coffee travel mugs, organized my calendar, fixed my website, and managed my social media (there is probably more, but you get the point) ”
Jeremie Miller,
Marley Majcher“I knew that I had amazing products and services to provide my audience but no one could seem to effectively, efficiently and in a reasonably priced manner, get it to market. And then I talked to Chelsea. Finally at the end of my rope, I decided to take the leap. Her team has been nothing short of ridiculously fabulous. On her recent trip out, I actually asked her to move in with me so we could brainstorm new ideas all day long just like Bill Gates used to do in the old days. Her sparkle, calm demeanor, completely dedicated customer service attitude, her work ethic – I don’t even know how to pour more onto a page. She and the Solamar team are that good. Hire them now. And if you’re challenged enough to wait, you’ve got no one to blame but yourself. Help is just a phone call (or text or email) away. Literally. Clearly the universe was smiling upon me because Solamar has literally saved my sanity.”
Marley Majcher,
rita-hovakimian“Chelsea and her team at Solamar have been instrumental in being able to capture the essence of who I am and powerfully reflect this in all the design elements of my marketing collateral, especially my website. The decision to hire Solamar exclusively for most of my needs in running a successful business including marketing strategy, copywriting and back-end technology has resulted in bringing all aspects of my business in alignment and running like a well oiled machine. I am grateful to have found my ‘dream team’!”
Rita Hovakimian,
andrea-vahl-head“I cannot say enough good things about working with Solamar. They helped re-launch Social Media Manager School (created by myself and Phyllis Khare) in the Fall of 2013. Thanks to their efforts we more than tripled the number of students that signed up at our previous launch. We could not have done it without their excellent planning, design, and execution help. I highly recommend Solamar!”
Andrea Vahl, Social Media Coach
Lynne Klippel“When I was starting to build the foundation of my business I was wanting to find a marketing support team that could listen to me and understand my vision. Chelsea and her team at Solamar have fulfilled my needs beyond what I even knew that I needed at the time. It is such a weight off my shoulders to be able to ask for something and I do not have to educate them in what I need. They get it. In fact ,they get it so well that on a day off I had gone to the movie and I thought of a quote that I wanted posted to my fan page. By the time I had left the movie the exact quote was posted to my fan page by the team and I was getting likes and comments. Now That Rocks!!!”
Tracy Nicholas,
kim-bowen“You guys are amazing! Thank you for an incredible experience…and for meeting every single deadline you gave me. EVERY SINGLE ONE!”
Kim Bowen,
Lynne Klippel“Solamar is a dream come true! I’ve work with them on complicated website projects, event planning, migration to a new shopping cart, and daily operations of my fast- paced business. Each project was a success and increased my revenues. While every member of the Solamar team is a technical wizard, what makes them all special is how much they care. Starting at the top with CEO Chelsea Moser, each member of the Solamar team became a friend. They purposely mix love into every project so you feel supported, encouraged, and protected at every turn. If you are overwhelmed, stuck, or just plain ready to grow you business to the next level, call Solamar immediately. They provide the gold standard of support and outstanding service.”
Lynne Klippel,
steve-cozart-2“I LOVE Solamar Marketing! You won’t find this type of quality, service, innovation, support and just plain fun anywhere else.”
Steve Cozart
Carolyn Ellis“Working with Chelsea and her Solamar team has been a dream! They are savvy, professional, quick, responsive, creative, and always have a can-do attitude. I can rest easy knowing the Solamar team has got my back and the best interests of me, my business and my clients in mind. Thanks Chelsea!”
Carolyn Ellis,
casey-truffo“Solamar, you said we would hit 4,000 attendees – when we only had 1200 – thanks for believing in us!”
Casey Truffo
“What does a solo-preneur do when faced with a looming deadline and no way to navigate the technical mine field? First you fall apart THEN you call Solamar…Then you breathe. Chelsea and the team held my hand with kind and supportive words and they worked magic in 36 hours. I had some changes and they were executed so quickly, I could hardly believe it. I would recommend Solamar in a heartbeat. They are amazing!”
Indrani Goradia, Indranis Light Foundation
michelle-barone“You are the BEST!”
Michelle Barone
Kay White“Working with Chelsea and her team is a joy. From the word ‘go,’ Solamar is all can do—‘what can we take from you?’, ‘leave that with us we’ll do it,’ ‘you get on with the business while we do that.’ I had put off having a new website built for ages assuming it will take too much time, and how can I translate what I want to someone else, etc.? Within 2 weeks of our first conversation, I had an outline of my new site. I LOVE IT! We followed up a few times as we got the content going and the different pieces inserted and now, easier than I thought possible, I have a new site which people want to spend time ‘browsing’ and buying from. Chelsea and her team’s input has been invaluable and—as a bonus—we had a lot of fun doing it. If you want your ‘stuff done’ and done for you quick, smart, and easily then you are so in the right place.”
Kay White, Way Forward Solutions
Marie Forleo“I was in ‘business shock’ after discovering some major back-end issues. Chelsea and her team swooped in like superheros and completely saved the day! With incredible heart and professionalism, Chelsea took every worry away and got me back on track, fast. Words can’t express my deep gratitude for how quickly she moved and how instantly, she treated my business like it was her own. Thank you doesn’t even begin to cut it!”
Marie Forleo, Marie Forleo Intl
James Kemp“Chelsea and her team were effusively helpful. They never lost their enthusiasm or patience with me, even when I was slow and indecisive. Meanwhile, their turnaround time was lightning fast! They delivered a product that exceeded my highest expectations and gave me the support I needed to continue to learn and grow on my own. I know I will be coming back to this crack team again and again!”
James Kemp,
Andrea Lee“You said YES to the big ideas which is so important for my kind of creative brain. And you made it easy for me to see how to make the big vision happen in a good/sane way that’s also smart, not just big vision.  You have super duper marketing chops and smarts based on real experience that you bring to the table. It makes the structuring and creating of actual income streams simpler (less tangling around wondering how to best do things). And you are all about serving the bigger world to make it better. Whewf. Yep. You’re awesometastic. Thank you.”
Andrea J. Lee, Money, Meaning & Beyond
donna shin“After a bad experience with another designer, I went to Solamar after some strong prompting from my mentor. I could not be happier, they are a first class operation! So professional, prompt, kind, encouraging and have done great work for me. Like a breath of fresh air to work with Chelsea!”
Donna Shin,
dog-harmony“I have worked with several web designers and all of them have made me want to pull my hair out. Solamar has been so easy to work with. Everything happens in a timely manner and the lines of communication are always open. Thank you – Solamar – I no longer need a TUMS when updating the website. Your team is truly amazing!”

“Absolutely the most amazing group of people to work with, they understood my business and developed an incredible website without giving me an ulcer. Looking forward to our next project!”
Nancy Bown,

dani crane“Beyond happy with my personal and business websites!! Anytime I had a question they were quick to respond and were extremely helpful throughout the process. Plan on using Solamar in the future for other marketing needs. Thank you again for everything!!”
Danielle Crane,
Aaron Waters“Chelsea and her team have been a tremendous help to our business. They are fast, reliable and provide the creative mindset that my team needs to build our brand. They have designed our website, brochures, logos and even trade show displays. At the last trade show, we had other vendors taking photos of our displays because of their high end look. I can’t say enough great things about the work they do.”
Aaron Waters,
Peter Sahin“Chelsea is one of those rare people who continues to surprise me with the quality, reliability, and timely delivery of everything she has helped me with. She really takes pride in every project, big or small and I often feel like she is even more vested in the work and projects than I am! On top of it, she is also very personable to work with. I really cannot hesitate in giving her high marks all across the board.”
Peter Sahin, Owner at South County Law Group
jim-buchanan“Working with Solamar agency was exactly what we needed for our rebranding and new website. Their discovery process captured the essence of our culture and company brilliantly. Even more important they were able to covert the heart of who we are into a beautifully designed site and brand.”
Jim Buchanan, Founder & CEO,
“Although I knew I had to change my brand, company name and image, I would not have been able to do this without you. The real value for money for me is the fact that I know my business now has a sound foundation with a proper marketing plan in place. I found it easy to work with as you always conducted yourself in a professional manner, yet you were informal and relaxed. Thank you for understanding my business.”
Mike, Owner of Spitzer Wealth Management
isabel-parlett“I am tickled to share the new look for my web site. Great work by Solamar Marketing!”
Isabel Parlett,
amy-katz“Solamar was the perfect match of fun, expertise, and results that we were looking for when we wanted a partner to help launch “Daughters in Charge.”
Amy J. Katz,
paul-sigafus“From start to finish, my experience with Chelsea and her Solamar team has been fantastic. They might think about renaming their business “SolAMAZING”! They designed a beautiful and professional website that gives my marriage counseling practice a wonderful presence on the web, and they continue to be my go-to people for all of my design and business coaching needs. I’m decidedly a client for life!”
Paul Sigafus, Director of Colorado Counseling Center, PLLC
Carla Robertson“I want to say how very grateful I am that you have been sooo able to make the site what I envisioned, and in such a short time. Thank you soooo much! It’s very exciting to have the whole thing looking so beautiful and amazing. Really, Chelsea, please pass on my gratitude to your team. I really appreciate your work and that of your team and how very, very, very responsive you’ve been.”
Carla Robertson,
Lori Crete“Solamar has saved the day for me by helping me show up in a BIGGER way. It has allowed my business to grow in at a speed that I did not know was possible. My whole Solamar team shows up 100% and really cares about my needs as a business owner. Ahhhh… I have free time again! Thank You!”
Lori Crete,
andrea-j-lee-1“Kari Petrick Harris and the whole Solamar Agency gang led by Big Cheese Chelsea Berler are the bomb-diggity. And not for anything in particular that ‘happened.’ They just are.”
Andrea J. Lee,
susan freeman“The Solamar team offers a first rate web-design experience. In a field of people who can make web creation a nightmare, my experience was a pleasure. Everyone who touched the project really understood me, my business, and my brand. They brought it to life in a way that I could never have imagined so beautifully. Their execution was professional, timely, and creatively inspired. They made excellent suggestions that consistently brought value to the process. I would highly recommend this firm without reservation. You will be completely satisfied.’”
Susan S. Freeman,
laurie-cozart“We love it Chelsea Berler! We are so pleased with our new logo and website! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”
Laurie Cozart, SLC Talent Factory
Roxanne“I have been using Solamar Marketing for nearly two years now. I have been consistently impressed by their warmth, their responsiveness, and their extensive internet marketing tools and know-how. They have been nothing but professional and upbeat as we have launched our new brand nationally. How wonderful it is to tell them what we want and always be met with ‘That doesn’t scare us, we can do that!’”
Roxanne Thayne, Homeward Bound
Linda P. Jones“Working with Solamar has been amazing for my business! Before Solamar, I tried many service providers and ended up frustrated that I wasn’t getting the attention I needed. Solamar knew exactly what to do so we could hit the ground running. My business is going much smoother, it’s grown faster, and I can delegate a lot more, that in the past I would have to do myself. I highly recommend them to anyone ready to kick their business up to the next level!”
Linda P. Jones, CEO, Live Wealthy & Smart
JB Show“Thanks to Solamar for making our website rebuild easy and enjoyable! It’s refreshing to work with a team who thinks both creatively and strategically, not to mention they fulfill every request and meet every deadline with joy and passion for their work. We couldn’t be happier with the end result!”
The Jonathon Brandmeier Show
“High quality service. Very responsive and professional.”
Amy Hsiao,”
“All of us here in the office are shocked at how quickly you’ve turned this around to us–we had no idea working with a web agency could actually be EASY :)”
Lauren Lockhart, B-Metro,
dave-dee“Need an AWESOME team member who can do a ton for you? Chelsea is the bomb. She has helped me a ton.”
Dave Dee, Dave Dee Inc.
Shawn Shepheard“Chelsea and her team are simply awesome! They treat me and my company like family, they listen to what my needs are and customize a program of action that is unique to me, and they allow me to serve my clients needs much better than doing it on my own. Plus, they are alot of fun to work with!”
Shawn Shepheard, Born 2 Be Alive
shawn-driscoll“Thanks to the team for the beautiful job on the new Early comments are “fresh and modern, “I fell in love from the moment I walked in” and “Wow”. So I’d say job well done!”
Shawn Driscoll
“Solamar Marketing Agency has a rare quality-they truly listen to who you are and what you want. They are friendly, easy to work with, and they sure know what their doing. Their creative thinking and aggressive approach will definitely have me coming back for more. If you’re considering a marketing company that can assist in a wide variety of sectors, Solamar can definitely make you happy.”
Jennifer, CEO of Splash Printing
alexis-neely“Grateful to Chelsea for supporting me & my biz & now the Solamar team too – love that you have become inspired to build an empire!”
Alexis Neely
Gary Patterson“Working with Chelsea has been a blast!  We typically call on her when we really need a push, a challenge . . . someone to get us thinking about marketing in a different way. She’s comfortable rolling up her sleeves and getting dirty with us, doing as much of the real work as we’ll let her.  She always brings energy and spirit to the table, always pressing forward with a smile and a laugh. Spirit—that’s her real strength.  Love it.”
Gary Patterson,
President of TAGG Logistics
“Getting an education from Moser…damn.”
TAGG Logistics
“Try her, you will love her . . . business with a personal touch !”
Victor Cohen, Owner, R&S Accessories / Carlo Fellini
Mache Seibel“Chelsea and the team at Solamar are a pleasure to work with. They get clarity on what you need, tweak it with best practices and give you a great outcome on time. First rate all around!”
Dr. Mache Seibel, Dr. Mache
dawn-andreas“As kind hearted as they are talented! Always willing to go the extra mile & come to the table as a thought partner. It feels like a true team effort as we drive to the best result for the business all while keeping our budget in mind.”
Dawn Andreas,
“Absolute most amazing people to work with! Always available to offer creative insight and implement whatever I need. I am beyond grateful to have found Solamar!!”
Jennifer Butler,
david gottfried“I love working with Solamar and the spirit of my work and the support of Chelsea. She’s just fantastic and so helpful and full of great skills, energy, and enthusiasm.”
David Gottfried,
lauren wadsworth“I love Chelsea and the team at Solamar! They are very prompt, quick learners, and produce great work! It has been a pleasure working with Chelsea and look forward to many more projects together. Highly recommend!”
Lauren Wadsworth, Blue Eagle Consulting
“My experience with Solamar Agency has by far been one of the most memorable in my business career. They are extremely professional, yet personable, and able to really listen to what I wanted in a strategy/logo for my company. They have the unique ability to take my ideas and build my business exactly how I always dreamt it would be. Thank you to Solamar for making it easy to make my dream of starting my company a reality, I am in love with the strategy and the future Solamar has helped me create.”
Jessica, Co-Founder & VP of Operations at AberMore Properties, LLC
Jesh de Rox“Hands down the best experience I have ever had with any company. Ever. Strong words I know, and ones I have no doubt Chelsea and her amazing team will live up to. I continue to be completely blown away by the level of service and expertise Solamar delivers. They treated me like a long lost friend from hello and it hasn’t let up. It’s amazing when a company makes you feel cared for.”
Jesh de Rox, Beloved Collective
Jimbo Marshall“I just hired Solamar and I’m thrilled!!! Thank you Chelsea Moser and Thank you Amber Watson-Tardiff for being on my team!”
Jimbo Marshall,
Lisa Mitchell“I love working with you–you make everything delightful and easy. I think we are a wonderful match in many ways. Thanks so much for being you and doing the work you do.”
Lisa Mitchell,
Drumroll“We approached Solamar with a specific plan in mind which they beautifully polished and executed. Now our product is launched, and the online traction we needed has converted into (voila!) actual sales. Chelsea and the team are a pleasure to work with. The creative is sharp, and they have put it in front of the audiences we needed, so our ad costs are always good investments. We also like Solamar’s open pricing structure- it allows us to adjust our expenses, as some months require more content or strategic work than others. For a start-up, this flexibility is important.”
Jake Waitzman & Wes McDonald,
Darla LeDoux“Chelsea and team are super organized, which is a great addition to my team. I always know what to expect and when things will be done. I’m impressed with the quality of the pages they create and their broad knowledge comes in handy regularly. It’s been such a relief to have found them!”
Darla LeDoux,
Drumroll“First, I want to convey how much I love your website. Not only do you have wonderful information readily available, the layout and design is soothing and supportive. I can’t wait to share it with others.”
Client of Marla Cummins,
tammie-wayneValve Accessories and Controls recently asked Chelsea at Solamar Design to create a new, fresh and more user friendly website for our company that specializes in valve positioners. While this is a very technical instrument, Chelsea and Sam were both extremely patient with us thru our many edits and updates!! They were both very responsive to our questions and concerns!! The end product looks fabulous and we couldn’t be more satisfied with the simplicity of the design!! Thanks guys!! YOU ROCK!!! Thanks for all your time!!”
Wayne Fleming and Tammie Hughes, Valve Accessories and Controls
blacks“I just went through the entire website and I AM BLOWN AWAY!!!!!! This is unbelievable – professional – entertaining – compelling – I want to be friends with both of you – that’s what I think your subscribers will feel. Seriously, I cannot rave enough about the work I know you have put into this and how IT HAS PAID OFF A THOUSAND PERCENT!!!!! I am soooooooooooo proud of you guys. I don’t have the words!!!”
Julie and Katie Black,
dawn-doucette“Thank you so much, not only did you make me some delicious business cards, but you rocked the rush AND had them delivered all the way to Scottsdale where I met them for a convention! Your entire team is the bomb! Thank you!”
Dawn Doucette, Bella Amore Legacy Jewelry
lissa-boles“Special kind of fun cheering on Solamar’s celebratory weekend. The world needs more examples of this kind of wowza service…”
Lissa Boles,
mollyhall“We have worked with a dozen “Marketing” companies over the past 18 yrs. and each time found ourselves “caving in” and approving design work that we were not happy with. The designers were taking it personal if I didn’t like the content, design and/or strategies being presented to our company… it was the best we were going to get so stop being so picky. This cycle continued company after company, until we hired Solamar. Finally we found a marketing company that would stop at nothing until we were not only satisfied, but very enthusiastic about the content we were putting out in the marketplace. Since working with Solamar, our leads have literally DOUBLED and our branding has been consistent, engaging and inspiring… for the first time in our company’s HISTORY! Solamar, we are grateful for your work and your team. Hiring Solamar was the best business decision we made in 2015!”
Molly Hall, Co-Founder Lawyers with Purpose, LLC
“Our experience with Solamar was great! The team was professional, effective, and efficient from the beginning to end. Our website is exactly what we wanted.”
Nannette Phillips, Head Start Executive Director
Tina Medico“You and your team are incredible. Working with Solamar has been an invaluable asset in my entrepreneurial journey.”
Tina Hofer Medico,
Maralyn Cale“I…wanted to communicate my deep appreciation to you…and the team you’ve gathered. Amy’s support of me as I’m tip-toeing into this world of technology has been extraordinary. Her written ‘cheat sheets’ not only give clear, step-by-step directions that evoke calmness in me as I engage these processes, they’re also to my eye simply beautiful – they have a clean, elegant, minimalist-ness about them I really appreciate. And her capacity on the phone to listen, support, experiment and create alternatives when things aren’t working the way we thought they would engenders in me a sense of “I can do this!” which is a great relief! I knew intuitively from the beginning that coming to you and Solamar was the right step for me. I also now have the lived experience to back up that knowing!”
Maralyn Cale, Certified Coach
“HUGE “Thank You” to our friends at Solamar Agency for a great job on our new branded closing folders!”
South Oak Title
Beth Gillespie“Solamar was exactly what I needed to get my website and programs launched! The team has worked with me to help me stay on track, meet due dates, and take it to the next level! Lindsey, my project manager, is incredibly responsive, creative, supportive, and has been such an asset in the launch of my new programs. I couldn’t have done it without her and the great Solamar team! ”
Beth Gillespie, Nutrition With Beth
Marley Majcher“I have to admit…I wasn’t sure what to expect when I turned over the reigns to someone else to design my website. The result Solamar delivered was something AMAZING that I couldn’t have envisioned for myself. I am so pleased with the entire process and most importantly with the product! A big thank you Chelsea and Jill for your care, insight, and making the experience a breeze. I’m so excited to see what the future holds with new projects. Two BIG thumbs up!”
Stacy Perkins,
jennifer-lee“Thanks to the team for helping me! SO excited to be working with u!”
Jennifer Lee, Artizen Coaching
reese-spykerman“It could not have come to fruition without Chelsea and her team. They are total rockstars.”
Reese Spykerman
Lynne Klippel“Can’t tell you how good it feels to be taken care of—A fan for life.”
Lynne Klippel, BusinessBuilding
“Solamar Marketing Agency helped a great deal with the branding of my new business. They alleviated the pressure while I prepared for opening my doors. Solamar paid close attention to develop an understanding of my needs and the direction I wanted to go. I truly felt that they were as enthusiastic as I was. I am thrilled with the results and look forward to a lasting partnership for future endeavors.”
Danielle, Founder & Owner ofBorn Yesterday Boutique
“I’m a big fan of Chelsea. Follow her. She’s a big star on the rise.”
Michael Port
jimbo-marshall“Thank you Amber Watson-Tardiff from Solamar Marketing! You rock!”
Jimbo Marshall
Sarah Robinson“You know how awesome you feel when you are working with someone who just intuitively knows what you need and how you need it? How relieved you are to finally have someone on your team who gets your business and can support you in amazing ways? That is exactly how I feel with Chelsea—awesome, relieved and focused. If you have the chance to work with her, grab it!”
Sarah Robinson,
“I asked Solamar Marketing Agency to help me build my brand. They not only delivered the ‘build my brand’ request, but they delivered a unique strategy and plan. The takeaway I have from working with Solamar Marketing Agency is that they go above and beyond what is asked of them. They are a great agency that provides great results. I’ll always go back to them for my branding and marketing needs.”
Jessica, Founder of LaBelle, Inc.
Casey Truffo“Your team is kind of like Charlie’s Angels . . . Gorgeous, resourceful, smart.”
Casey Truffo,