Beauty Shock Branding

beautyshock branding

Who they are:

Jonathan Fowler is the owner, artistic director and a master stylist of Beauty Shock, a start-up high-end hair salon designed to re-invent the industry, make it more professional and more personal.

What he needed:

Jonathan came to Solamar in need of a bold, fearless look for his new brand. Something that stood out and piqued interest. He wanted to change people’s preconceived notion of what a salon in Birmingham, AL could be. He also wanted a design using rich, vibrant, saturated colors.

How we helped:

To begin with, we mocked up a number of logo designs all focused on bold, minimalistic iconography, utilizing a saturated “glam-punk” color scheme, and reinforced with solid and simple, yet fashionable typography. Then we created business cards for Mr. Fowler and his business associate, even further accentuating the contrast between the brilliant colors and the black, and adding an air of mystery by placing the icon by itself on one side of the card.

We also designed a landing page for their eventual website.

You can see that page here: