Kat Perkins Website


Who they are:

Kat Perkins is a phenomenally talented singer who reached the top levels of Season 6 of NBC’s hit show The Voice.

What they needed:

Kat came to us in need of a major website redesign. She had built her previous website herself, and her new place in the spotlight required a website with a more engaging and personalized design, while adding the ability to display videos and upcoming events. The site also needed to prominantly feature her social media.

How we helped:

We designed a fully responsive site featuring the fantastic photographs of her competing on the voice, combined with a color scheme that reflects her punk-rock/glam sensibility and slightly grungy typography. We integrated social media streams and her many excellent videos into the homepage, as well as a fully-featured event management solution.

See site here: http://www.katperkinsmusic.com/