Kristin Zeising Website


Who they are:

Kristin Zeising is a California Licensed Psychologist and Certified Sex Therapist based in San Diego. Her goal is to support her clients in living an authentic and meaningful life that reflects their individual, sexual and relationship needs and values. She helps them find clarity, self acceptance and joy by teaching them new ways to cope with immediate stressors and core issues.

What they needed:

Kristin came to Solamar in need of a site that reflected her compassionate nature, expert status and professionalism. She also needed the site to attract upper-middle class and wealthy adults in San Diego area who need help gaining emotional and sexual fulfillment with their partners, learning communication and coping skills with other relationships in their lives (children, boss, friends) and finding peace from anxiety/depression/shame within themselves. The site also needed to be mobile-ready.

How we helped:

We designed a fully responsive, clean, structured site featuring soft blues and greens with emphasis on her individual + couples therapy and sex therapy services. The site also incorporates prominent contact and appointment links to help drive clients to sign up with her.

See site here: