Lisa Cherney

Who she is:

Lisa is a marketing expert, who has worked with brand icons such as AT&T, Nissan and Lipton at top advertising agencies, and is the founder of Concious Marketing, Inc. These days, she is dedicated to working with small business owners and helping them grow their sales exponentially.

What she needed:

Before working with Solamar, Lisa didn’t have a website, though she did have many sales pages related to her “Juicy Marketing Expert” business. She needed her site to combine all of her existing info and the disparate pieces of three separate program offerings. Design-wise, the site needed to feel “juicy” and exciting, in order to fit in with her existing brand, while still remaining readable and engaging. She also needed to integrate an existing blog.

How we helped:

We started by coming up with a design concept that centered on “juice,” specifically citrus juices, and picked a warm color scheme to follow suit. Since her blog was already in WordPress, a leading blogging platform and a user-friendly and open-source content management system that is simple for new users to pick up and run with, we simply extended her WordPress installation to include her new features, including an advanced testimonial plug-in that allows for rotating testimonials across the site, as well as the ability to call attention to specific content.

See site here: