Shawn Driscoll

Who they are:

Shawn Driscoll is a sought after coach and business consultant to high-achieving entrepreneurs globally who helps trailblazing business leaders inspire and impact others through their gifts and talents.

What she needed:

When Shawn came to Solamar, she had a standard basic site with little flavor and poor organization. She also had a stand-alone blog not connected to her site in any way.

She needed to consolidate her web presence, while reinvigorating her design in a way that speaks to her clientele.

How we helped:

We began by transitioning Shawn to a new WordPress installation which allowed us to combine her blog and website into one platform, giving her a unified presence. WordPress is a user-friendly and open-source content management system that is simple for new users to pick up and run with.

Then we designed a sleek look for her new combined site that really showcases Shawn’s fun personality with bold colors, yet remains clean and simple with lots of white space that focused the eye on her core message. We also used careful selection of typography to emphasize the importance of her Trailblazer Quotient, while still remaining friendly and approachable, avoiding a strictly “corporate” appearance.

See site here: