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3 Tips for a Killer Background Video

background videoSo you want a background video for your website, and for good reason! Sure, they’re all the rage right now, but you’re not just jumping on the bandwagon. You recognize that the popularity of background videos in modern web design is for a reason. They look fantastic when properly implemented, breathing life into what is often a pretty static medium.

However, improperly implemented they can have a pretty negative impact on both your site’s aesthetic and it’s performance.

Well, we certainly don’t want that! So how do you make sure your background video is helping your site instead of hurting it? Stay tuned, and we’ll stick a few tips to the wall. Continue reading

5 Tips For Effective Web Video in 2015

camera-690163_640Given how ubiquitous web video has become, it surprises me how often I stumble across a site that hasn’t implemented that video very well into their design. Even a few years ago it was moderately acceptable for your video to appear a little janky, but those days are over.

The tools for excellent video production are now well within reach of the average content producer, and the technique for making sure that video displays seamlessly within you design across a range of devices is well established.

So, don’t settle for less! Follow these simple tips, and we’ll have your website’s video looking fantastic in no time. Continue reading