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How to Be Creative When It Doesn’t Come Naturally

cvbgI admit that being creative comes to me naturally, as it has my entire life. That’s why being creative is what I do for a living every day as a writer, although some days it’s harder than others to be creative.

As a kid, I always had a crayon or pencil in my hand doodling some imaginary animal or writing a poem or story. As a teenager, my peers turned to me for an off-the-cuff song parody for a high school revue.

But many people tell me that being creative doesn’t come to them naturally. They moan, “I am not a creative person,” or “I don’t know where to start.”

Don’t fret! Many psychologists argue that creativity isn’t something people are born with. Good news though—it’s actually a skill that can be learned. And, practicing being creative can make you more and more creative. So, what can you do to exercise your creativity muscles and jumpstart your creativity? Here are 9 creative suggestions: Continue reading