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How to Get More “Likes” on your Facebook Business Page

keys-264595_1280What happens when you click “Like”?
“When you click Like on a Facebook page, in an advertisement, or on content off of Facebook, you are making a connection.” According to Facebook, “A story about your like will appear on your Timeline and may also appear in your News Feed. You may be displayed on the Page you connected to, in advertisements about that Page or in social plugins next to the content you like.”

As you can see, a simple “Like” goes on to have a life of its own. In just one click, you are sharing that you like a movie, sports team, or even an offer from a business. That click expresses who you are and helps your friends know you better.

Does that mean all “Likes” are good?
“Not just no, but HELL NO!!” says PostPlanner. “The problem is there are too many people recommending too many different ways to get more Likes and Fans—many of them not legit. Do a search on Google and you’ll find over 2 billion results offering you an answer! Yes, that’s billion with a B!”

So what should you do to get more Likes (good, qualified ones), without buying them from some not-so-legit site? (BTW, buying them will forever ruin your page, because those purchased Likes are not the engaged Fans you’re looking for.)

Instead, here are a few easy and effective tips to win more Likes: Continue reading

Why It’s Important to be “Trendy” — Staying Current In Your Marketing

eye-402532_640If you know anything about fashion, you know that style is timeless, fashion is ever-changing, and when something is “trendy” it’s all the rage today, but it may be completely old-hat and possibly even a little embarrassing tomorrow.

Before you dismiss fashion advice dished by someone who wears jeans, a t-shirt, and flip flops every day (if I can help it), stick with me here.

It’s important that your marketing has style. Style stands the test of time, it’s classic, and it always allows you to present yourself and your business in the best possible and most alluring way.

Style shines through authentically, and resonates with the right people. You know a person who has style as soon as she walks in the room. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you can see it and sense it. You want your marketing to have that kind of style — that turns heads and attracts the right attention and respect.

You also want your marketing to be fashionable. In much the same way that clothing styles are constantly changing from season to season, marketing — now more than ever — is continuously evolving. Your business will benefit from knowing the latest marketing techniques, tools, and best practices. Remaining fashionable and even ahead of the trends will set you apart from the crowd. Continue reading

Step Up, Stand Out, and Get Noticed on Social Media

social-349597_640I’ve always been a little quirky. Tactful people describe me as imaginative and creative. The not-so-tactful ones say I’m one-of-a-kind, maybe even a little nutty. I’m not offended, because all those words make me unique, which is perfect for a writer. I know that if I am going to get and keep clients, I have to step up, stand out, and get noticed.

The same is true when using social media to promote your business. On Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Vimeo, Google+, Instagram, and others, you have to get noticed or you are wasting your time and money.

“Why spend your life trying to fit in, when you are born to stand out?” says Ziad K. Abdelnour, author of Economic Warfare: Secrets of Wealth Creation in the Age of Welfare Politics. Standing out is how to tap into the growing number of social media outlets and use them to your advantage, as we’ve stressed time and time again on our blog. Continue reading

Make Video Work for Your Website

sol-blog-videoAccording to eMarketer, the category of digital advertising as a whole is up immensely, growing 44% from 2012 to 2013, to an estimated $4.15 billion. That’s a lot of growth!

According to Unbounce.com,  “Approximately 30% of page visitors watch your introductory video and 50% of those viewers watch the video in its entirety”. Another benefit? In that same survey, sites that had an introductory video on their homepage saw a 10% increase in their conversion rates.

Not bad, huh? With stats like these, it is no wonder that video will account for two-thirds of the world’s mobile data traffic by 2016.

If you aren’t using video yet, here are some tips for when you bring video to your website:

Keep your site simple.

Getting carried away is easy — we all want to include as much info as we can on our sites, but remember that when visitors are bombarded with something (be it fancy-schmancy text, a lot of text or even too many graphics) their eyes get tired and they leave your site.

The cure? Video. By including just one simple video on your homepage, you give readers a reason to stay — and you give their eyes a rest!

Chances are, they clicked on your site for a reason — they want to learn more about you and your brand.
This is the perfect opportunity to make yourself known. Consider it an introduction. With a clear and to-the-point title and a simple subtitle, use this space to tell us who you are. You can say so much more in a  video than in a cluttered design. This brings us to our next tip.

Be Real

The idea when you use video on your marketing page is to engage and connect with viewers. Now, this may sound like a task, but it doesn’t have to be.

If you are going to speak directly to the camera yourself, try to imagine you are chatting with a friend. Be positive and warm.

Here at Solamar, many of our clients are incorporating “real” video into their sites — and doing so beautifully.

Kat Perkins, a contestant on the popular TV show, “The Voice” was able to create a simple, yet captivating homepage through use of video.

Sure, Perkins is skilled in performing for a camera — but don’t be intimidated if you’re not! Even those of us that are less experienced in front of a camera can stand out in our videos. Proof of that is Brook Kreder, Founder of “The Sole Revolution” and an avid runner. On Kreder’s site, she uses testimonial to deliver her message. By letting a client tell her story for her, Kreder not only promotes her brand, but she lends credence to her product.

Another Solamar client, Kimberly Doehnert, is an example that your videos can be casual — yet still deliver a big punch. By taking us inside her gym, Doehnert makes her video relatable… and real. Doehnert also does a great job of keeping her design simple and fuss-free.

Be True to Your Brand

Thankfully, there are plenty of inspiring examples of video in web to show us how to add this peppy design element without sacrificing beautiful design.

When you are bringing video to your page though, always keep your brand in mind.

It is great to be creative, but always stay consistent with your brand voice. Unsure how? Look to Oreo (yep, still making those delicious round cookies) or Nike’s Jordan brand (still good looking and functional).

One look at either site, and you see that both are consistently true to their brand. Oreo was always a simple, child friendly snack – and their videos are too! Jordans have always been considered cool and authentic by athletes. Their video carries this message on.

Want to kick it up a notch? Consider product videos, video contests, or even a fun play on words (remember Kmart?)

At the end of the day, video should be fun, engaging and educational. Need help, or just love the examples we’ve shown you? Give us a shout! We have the expertise and experience you need.

Is Your Website Supporting Your Brand?

Solamar Agency LogoSo you have a website for your new brand, congratulations! You’re set right? Let the customers start rolling in………wait. Where is everybody?!

Yes, I know you know there’s more to good web design than just having a website, but you’d be surprised how often we see websites that don’t do some of the fundamental things a website needs to do in order to support a brand. So, in the interest of public service, here are some of the basic things your website should be doing if it’s going to really perform as a platform for your business.

Content is King

You thought I was going to start with attractive design didn’t you. Ha! We’ll get there, but first things first. And content comes first because it doesn’t matter how beautiful your site is, if it doesn’t contain anything worthwhile, your visitors will just bounce off your site like Ping-Pong balls. If you have a blog, make sure you are posting regularly, and with content that is relevant/exciting to your target market. Use attractive images in your posts. If you can’t blog regularly, get rid of your blog. Period. With or without a blog, you also need to make sure that the other content on your site is also worth reading. Make sure all of your copy is infused with personality, and that it avoids industry jargon and meaningless buzzwords.

Yes, Yes, Attractive Design

It needs to look good. Duh. But what does that mean? The answer to that question changes with the prevailing mood, but there are certain things that hold true through fads. You need a consistent color scheme, one that works with your logo, and that doesn’t hinder the readability or usability of your site. Large, attractive images are always a good bet. Plenty of breathing room between page elements, and a restrained use of accents and decorative elements. Typography that works harmoniously with the design. Icons!!!! Still unclear? The best thing to do is look for sites you think are attractive and ask yourself what it is they are doing that you like.

You Need a Kick-Ass Logo

Good logos are awesome! They act as a pictographic brand ambassador, you can stick them on anything, and they make people want to find out more about your brand.

Bad logos are terrible! They act as brand detractors, should never be stuck anywhere and make people want to burn things with your brand on them.

Take a good look at your logo, and then take a good look at other modern logo designs (especially in your industry) and ask yourself if your logo honestly gets even close. People have a tendency to get emotionally attached to their logos, even long after their design remains fresh, so it can be hard to admit they need to go. Luckily, if you’re building a new website, it’s the perfect time to rebrand, so whip that logo into shape, and then stick it in a prominent place on every page of your site.

Now What Do I Do?

People are busy, distracted and impatient. It’s just the nature of things. So, when they come to your site, they need to know immediately what to do next, or they will probably leave. You can use this need to your advantage by having prominent suggestions for them to do the thing you want them to do. Need newsletter signups? Have an email opt-in in your header. Make sure it’s accompanied by a call to action like “Click Here to Sign Up for Our Newsletter,” so the interaction you want people to take is explicit.

Let Other People Talk About How Great You Are

You can tell people how super-sweet you are till you are blue in the face, but it’s never going to have the weight of a bunch of other people talking about how super-sweet you are. Get customer testimonials and put them on a dedicated testimonial page, as well as sprinkled through-out the rest of your site. It’s still self-promotion, but hey, don’t take my word for it:

“Sam George knows what he’s talking about when it comes to integrating testimonials into a website. You should totally listen to him!”

—    A Real Person


See. Do what I say.

As always, if you want a team of hip cats to make your website into a brand-supporting powerhouse, give us a shout. We’re groovy, baby!!

Why We Believe in Boutique Marketing

metro6You may have noticed on our homepage that we describe ourselves as a “boutique marketing agency,” but you may not know exactly what a boutique agency is or why we believe serving our clients using a boutique model is the best way to support you.

“Boutique” in the agency world simply means small and specialized, and the term is used to set agencies like ours apart from the big guys — traditional agencies. Traditional marketing, advertising, and PR firms tend to concentrate on traditional channels, such as television and print; and they have evolved to integrate new media into their model.

Boutique firms like ours are comparably small, nimble, and forward thinking. We got our start in new media — by creating marketing using the internet and everything the digital world offers — and that’s where we continue to create the most impact for our clients. Continue reading