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How to Pump Energy into a Tired Brand

You know what to do when your energy is fading. You drink some coffee, take a power nap, or work out. But, what do you do when it’s your business brand that’s losing its former oomph and its power is fading?

The answer: It’s time for a brand refresh. Alas, that’ll take more than some exercise or a little caffeine. That’s why we’re giving you some hints on how energize your tired brand. Continue reading

How Often Should You Refresh Your Brand?

brand refreshClients often come to us when they want to refresh their brand. Whether overhauling your brand or giving it a tweak, keeping your brand updated is something you should consider doing regularly. It’s important to make sure your brand remains fresh, relevant, and aligned with how you currently want your company to be perceived by customers.

Don’t get me wrong, changing your brand dramatically too often can actually hurt your business. When you create a strong brand identity, it makes your business memorable, builds loyalty and trust, and conveys stability. Continue reading