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Nine Tips to Keep Your Marketing Garden-Fresh

You know the delightful feeling of biting into a tomato you just picked off the vine. The aroma is like no store-bought produce. You savor the deliciousness as you lick the juicy goodness off your face and fingertips. Now, imagine how you could super-charge your garden-variety marketing when you make it garden-fresh and appealing to your customers.

Keeping your brand marketing relevant in a rapidly changing world sounds like a thankless task. But, it’s a whole lot easier when you follow our “Nine Garden-Fresh Marketing” tips. Continue reading

Making a Name for Yourself — 8 Tips for a Better Identity

Whether you’re starting a new business or renaming your current one, it’s not easy to play the “name game,” where you discover the perfect name that has not already been used by another organization. The naming process is especially formidable, intimidating and frustrating when you think of all the descriptive and powerful names that have already been snatched up in the past few decades — think of the ocean of app and business names we all live afloat in these days!

Of course, you don’t want to make a mistake that could cost you in lost business or have a wishy-washy, non-descriptive brand identity. That means you should select a name that’s not too narrow in focus, not too generic, and not too suggestive of the wrong thing.

To help you avoid the mistakes, disappointment and stress on your naming journey, we want to offer these 8 tips to help you best meet your naming goals: Continue reading

5 Tips for Powerful Visual Storytelling

Depositphotos_63467467_s-2015Visual storytelling is a form of human communication we can trace back to ancient times, predating written language. Humans use storytelling to relate to one another, and visuals help us tell stories quickly and effectively, conveying meaning and emotion in the blink of an eye.

In marketing, effective visual storytelling works to make your company, products, and services more attractive and relatable, establishing brand recognition, affinity, and strong emotional bonds.

In the world of online marketing, we’ve seen visual storytelling become increasingly more important within the past few years. Blog readers have come to expect a featured image to accompany each post, your Facebook and Twitter newsfeeds are filled with images where text once prevailed, Instagram and Pinterest visuals attract more viewers, and video platforms compete for our attention.

Now, more than ever, it’s time to pay attention to visual storytelling in your branding and marketing. As visual storytelling has become more prominent, consumers have become more sophisticated and discerning; so it’s increasingly challenging to cut through the clutter and stand out, but it’s well worth the effort.

Here are 5 tips for powerful visual storytelling to enhance your brand: Continue reading

How to Create a Basic Brand Style Guide for Your Business

Style word on vintage car license plates, concept signA brand style guide is like the blueprint for your visual identity and website design. It includes all of your chosen design elements, serves as a set of design standards, and provides a foundation for the overall look and feel of your online presence across platforms and printed marketing collateral.

Establishing a consistent and cohesive brand bolsters your company’s brand recognition, reputation, and trustworthiness; so creating and following a brand style guide to stay on track with cultivating your brand equity is worth the time and effort. Continue reading

7 Tips to Boost Your Brand’s Customer Experience

Vector flat customer service concept - icons and infographic design elements - client experienceYour customers’ initial experience with your brand typically comes in the form of a word-of-mouth referral, advertising, or marketing. This is how they first learn about who you are, what you can do, and what you stand for as a company.

The look and feel of your brand can make a strong first impression. However, if you think boosting your brand is all about getting a better logo or website, you are missing some valuable opportunities to create a better brand experience.

Your brand’s customer experience develops through the first contact, service delivery, implementation, care, support, and beyond. At each step, you can either damage or enhance that experience for your customer.

Here are 7 tips to boost your brand’s customer experience: Continue reading

What is brand storytelling and how can it help your business?

chalkboard-620316_640Now, more than ever, businesses are using storytelling to raise awareness about their brand and create a relationship with their prospects and customers. Through carefully constructed content messaging and visual images, the world’s most loved and recognizable brands use the power of storytelling to enhance feelings of affinity within their target market and loyalty among their customer base.

Stories are one of the most fundamental ways humans have always communicated. Throughout our lifetimes — beginning on our parent’s knee — stories have been central to how we learn about the world, convey our own thoughts, and connect with others. Good stories are memorable because they create relatedness and conjure emotion. We pick up early-on that stories can be used effectively to explain, engage, entertain, and persuade.

And so it comes as no surprise that storytelling is used heavily in marketing — in the approaches we take to promote and sell products and services for our businesses. Companies have always told stories, and with the rise of industrialization and modern commodities, it became even more important for advertisers to differentiate one mass manufactured product from the next. But if brand storytelling has been around for so long, why has it become a marketing buzzword more than a century later? Continue reading

How to Grow Your Therapy Practice by Building Your Online Brand

portrait of middle aged female therapist in office with patient in backgroundHere at Solamar, as we work with a wide variety of business owners to help them create standout brands, we find that many of our clients fall into the category of “accidental” or “reluctant” entrepreneur. What I mean by this is that they are highly trained and skilled at what they do, and they have a burning desire to help others using their gifts and expertise, but they didn’t necessarily go into their field thinking like an entrepreneur.

Take our therapist clients, for example — each of the amazing therapists who hired us for branding and website design over the past few years had impressive training and experience, knew how to support their clients through life’s greatest challenges, and had hearts of gold with their sights set on helping more people through crisis and difficulty. And though they wanted and needed more clients to continue doing this meaningful and fulfilling work, they didn’t all know how to consistently attract the right clients to fill their practice and create or maintain a sustainable business.

What they needed — and what many business owners, like therapists, coaches and professional service providers need — is a standout brand and an exceptional online presence that communicates their message and connects with their audience, authentically and powerfully. Continue reading