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5 Storytelling Techniques to Make Your Content Marketing More Fun and Effective

Content marketing can be an effective strategy to build your authority and grow your business. But for your content marketing efforts to work, you’ll need to make sure the content is engaging, interesting, and compelling for your audience.

Content marketing is not just about churning out informative or entertaining articles; it’s about creating connection with other human beings that are your customers or potential customers. And one of the most potent ways to connect with other human beings is through the power of storytelling.

Stories have always been a fundamental way humans communicate and relate to one another. Starting in childhood, stories are central to how we learn about the world, convey our own thoughts, and form relationships.

As a marketer and business owner, effective storytelling enables you to create a deeper connection with your audience by giving them something they can relate to. People see themselves in stories, they empathize with stories, and stories are both meaningful memorable to them. If you want an engaged audience, you can use storytelling to let them know you understand them, to inspire them to take action, and to encourage a sense of loyalty.

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How to Increase Referral Traffic to Your Website

referral trafficIf you’re looking to attract more leads and generate more business from your online marketing efforts, your primary goal should be to drive more traffic to your website. Low traffic means not enough people are checking out what you have to offer. Higher traffic means more potential customers. One way to boost your traffic relatively quickly is to increase your referral traffic. What is referral traffic, and why is it important?

The traffic that comes to your website can generally be categorized into four main types:

Direct Traffic consists predominantly of visitors who typed your URL directly into their browser or accessed your website from a bookmarked link. Most direct traffic comes from people who are already aware of your brand. So direct traffic can be increased by boosting your brand awareness, which is a long game strategy.

Organic Traffic is when a visitor arrives at your website by searching terms in a search engine, such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Organic traffic can be increased through search engine optimization (SEO), a set of strategies that makes your website more visible in search results. Increasing your organic traffic takes time, effort, and patience.

Paid Traffic is driven to your website through advertising, such as pay per click (PPC) campaigns in Google Adwords or banner ads. Paid traffic requires a budget that covers the cost per click or display as well the cost of an expert to ensure you’re optimizing your paid campaigns effectively.

Referral Traffic includes visitors who arrived at your site by clicking a link on another website. If another website links out to your site as a relevant reference or resource, this can drive clicks to your site and it can also enhance your SEO. If the site linking out to your website is considered authoritative on the topic, the link signals to search engines that you must have quality content. So the potential benefits of pursuing more referral traffic are at least twofold: You’re positioning your website as more legitimate both to the people browsing online and to search engines.

How can you generate more referral traffic to your website?

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5 Tips for Powerful Visual Storytelling

Depositphotos_63467467_s-2015Visual storytelling is a form of human communication we can trace back to ancient times, predating written language. Humans use storytelling to relate to one another, and visuals help us tell stories quickly and effectively, conveying meaning and emotion in the blink of an eye.

In marketing, effective visual storytelling works to make your company, products, and services more attractive and relatable, establishing brand recognition, affinity, and strong emotional bonds.

In the world of online marketing, we’ve seen visual storytelling become increasingly more important within the past few years. Blog readers have come to expect a featured image to accompany each post, your Facebook and Twitter newsfeeds are filled with images where text once prevailed, Instagram and Pinterest visuals attract more viewers, and video platforms compete for our attention.

Now, more than ever, it’s time to pay attention to visual storytelling in your branding and marketing. As visual storytelling has become more prominent, consumers have become more sophisticated and discerning; so it’s increasingly challenging to cut through the clutter and stand out, but it’s well worth the effort.

Here are 5 tips for powerful visual storytelling to enhance your brand: Continue reading

14 Easy Edits to Make Your Content Shine

Proofreading red pencilEditing your own copy simply means recognizing weaknesses and fixing them. Easy peasy, right? Yet, it’s an often overlooked part of the writing process.

Quite frankly, even the best writers rarely spit out their best copy in the first draft (contrary to popular opinion). So, for the sake of making your writing shine (and stand out from the pack), you have to be your own editor. Every time you write something, tighten up your own content with these 14 editing tips that’ll make your copy more addictive, engaging, and compelling. Continue reading

What the Changes to Twitter’s Timeline Means For Your Business

Twitter logotype birdConstant changes in social media can be frustrating; but if you’ve been following along over the years, you know by now that change tends to work out for the best. While we never want to overwhelm you with the constant tweaks and shifts in the way our favorite social media platforms operate, we like to give you the scoop whenever clients show concern for significant developments that may affect the way they use social media marketing.

Lately, everyone is all abuzz about Twitter’s recent timeline changes. In the new Twitter timeline, rather than feeding us tweets of the accounts we follow chronologically—the experience we’ve all grown accustomed to over the years—Twitter has begun to serve content to us with algorithmic filtering. Continue reading

9 Easy and Efficient Google Search Tips

google-76522_960_720I use Google to search for a lot of different things many times every day. You probably do, too. But, unless you are a super-techy geek, you probably use Google in its simplest form. You type in a few words and keep trying new words and phrases until you locate what you’re looking for.

I’ve often suspected that there is a better (easier and more efficient) way. With a little unsophisticated searching, I discovered that there is…and these tips are a cinch to learn. Continue reading

9 Ways to Simplify Your Message

Keep It Simple MessageA lot of today’s content is confusing, unnecessarily complicated, and difficult to understand…and it confuses your prospects and customers. If they can’t understand what you’re trying to say, then your content is not very useful, right?

However, if you can write sharp, clear, straightforward, intelligent, and easy-to-understand content, it becomes practically effortless for people to see the value in it. With clarity in your writing, they’ll keep reading…and ultimately want to deal with your business.

Writing with clarity will make your content more powerful and compelling. According to HubSpot, “It turns heads, changes minds, and encourages action.” But you must follow a few simple tips and keep practicing them.
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