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Avoid SEO Issues With These 5 Design Tips

When most people think about their site’s search engine optimization (SEO), they’re thinking about their copy, content, keywords, metadata and tags. In other words…words.

This is completely understandable! Using the correct language and terms in the right places is a huge factor in making sure your site is optimized properly. But that doesn’t mean that the design of your site doesn’t play an important role as well.

All the massaged copy in the world, peppered with the best, most relevant keywords you can come up with, will inevitably be hampered if your site is designed without SEO in mind.

Here, then, are 5 design tips for making your SEO even better.

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5 Popular Web Trends You Should Avoid

avoid web trendsThe web design world is a lot like the social media world — things go viral quickly. Someone comes up with a solution to a problem, it catches on and all of a sudden you see it everywhere, even long after it becomes clear that the particular solution has more problems then it does benefits.

It’s not surprising, really. The deadline pressure web designers are often under, coupled with the desire of both clients and designers to produce sites that are modern and fresh often leads to the adoption of new trends before they can really be tested for usability.

But once a trend has had time to really percolate throughout the web world, and we have plenty of time to test it, there’s no excuse for continuing to use a design trend that doesn’t deliver, or irks visitors.

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Social Media Image Sizes — A 2017 Guide

social mediaA year has rolled around since we last checked in with social media image dimensions, and some things have changed, so it’s time to update our handy-dandy guide for 2017!

If you are in any way engaged with social media, then you’ve probably had to create images to use when promoting or sharing things with your community. The problem is, social networks are constantly changing the recommended specs for images, and different uses for images often require different dimensions (the height and width of the image).

That’s why we’ve created this handy guide to creating social media images for a number of the most popular networks out there, and we will endeavor to make sure that it stays up-to-date as things inevitably change. Let’s begin! Continue reading

3 Reasons To Hire A Web Design Pro

web design professionalLook, we get it. You’re super smart, capable and a quick learner. You probably built your own business from scratch, handling all sorts of complicated issues along the way. Instead of hiring a web design professional, why wouldn’t you build your own website from scratch too? It’d save you money, give you greater control over the finished product and you’d get to learn a little something along the way. Seems like a no-brainer, right?

Wrong! Your website is too important for it to be a learning project. There are many under-the-hood issues that neophytes often forget to consider before it’s too late, and they’re neck deep in building a site that won’t end up serving them very well.

What are those considerations? Stick around, and I’ll lay a few on you. Continue reading