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11 Tips for Writing an Exceptional Email Signature

Depositphotos_44282101_s-2015Many people think of email signatures as an afterthought (especially small and medium sized businesses). Unfortunately, that’s a major missed opportunity to increase brand awareness.

Those signatures are a chance for you to:

  • Make it clear who you are
  • Make it easy for people to reach you
  • Give people a place to go to find out more—about you, about your business, or about something you’re working on
  • Leave a lasting impression

If you’re just putting your name and a point or two of contact information in your signature, you’re not taking full advantage of the opportunity to connect and engage with the people you’re emailing. (Don’t go overboard, either. Jamming your signature full of links and a lot of unnecessary information is just plain spammy and self-promotional. And, if you fill it up with too much stuff, your email is likely to get sent to the spam filter instead of being delivered to your target.)

Here are 11 tips for creating email signatures that are helpful and professional. Continue reading

Creating Headlines, Opt-in Copy and Email Subject Lines That Capture Readers

smiling young woman writing on virtual screenWe’ve posted many blogs on writing content that gets leads and sells. After all, that’s what our business is about. It’s what our readers are interested in.

Frankly, if you can’t get and keep your prospects’ interest, you are going to be out of business fast. This topic is really nothing groundbreaking. Or is it worth another discussion?

This topic deserves mention…but from a new perspective. When you dig deeper you find that if you want to capture your readers’ interest and keep them coming back, you’ve got to deliver headlines, opt-in copy, and email subject lines that grab their full attention. And since most people have the attention span of gnats (while they are also considering your competitors), you’ve only got nanoseconds. Continue reading

9 Call to Action Tips You Should Know

call to action landing page optimization effective layout traffics vectorHail ye, oh great call to action (CTA)! You are the rock star of any response-driven promotion, whether online or off. We hold you in the highest regard, knowing that even a teeny lift in click-through rate can mean significant gains for a business in terms of eventual leads or sales.

A terrific CTA is essential for good reason. You could write the most effective, emotional, response driven copy, and it might not amount to anything more than a lot of hot air, unless your CTA is clear. You absolutely have to tell readers what task(s) you want them to perform. Good call to action phrases act like a trail of breadcrumbs leading potential customers directly to what you have to offer.

Yet, when I did a Google search for “CTA,” not once in the first three pages of search results does this little rock star come up among a slew of other results (from Chicago Transit Authority to Chandler Traditional Academy to California Teachers’ Association). So, I think that it is high time to delve deeper into making your own calls to action more inspiring, even though we did touch on this topic in a previous post.

I propose that you put a stop to crappy, weak, blah CTA’s and squeeze every last conversion or sale you can out prospects and customers, by adding more value at this important stage of the sales pitch. So here are 9 tips that will help make it easier to do just that: Continue reading

The Dying Art of Crafting the Perfect Call to Action (or How to Get the Quick Click)

clickIt makes me want to scream in frustration every time I see a website page, (or even an email or social media post or blog) with a mediocre call to action (CTA).  After all, it’s called a call to action (not a suggestion or hint to do something at some vague future time). Why would anyone want to do anything in response to a non-specific, weak, ineffectual, wimpy call to action like:

  • Click here?
  • Read more?
  • Click here to?
  • Get started?

These CTAs are missing purpose…a reason to do anything at all.

However, notice how much more directive these CTAs are:

  • Start improving your response rates
  • Start saving money now
  • Download (whatever) now
  • Be the first of your friends to …
  • Give me my free …

Crafting the perfect call to action is a dying art and it needs to be resurrected if you want the quick click. Strong, direct and clear calls to action will always get a better click through rate.

Why? Because when you use the right words and graphics, provide a real benefit to your prospects, and make it easy to respond, they’ll act NOW!
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