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How to Write News Releases that Get Noticed

Newspaper headlinesJournalists, websites, and various organizations are swamped with news releases from businesses of all sizes day in and day out. It’s been happening time and time again since the first news release was sent out (about a train wreck) over 110 years ago.

Every one of those releases has had the same objective: to gain positive media attention and coverage. So how the heck do you, as a small business or entrepreneur, make your releases stand out and shine?

You can spend hours (or even days) carefully crafting each word in what you think is the perfect news release. Then, you distribute it and wait for the onslaught of phone calls, emails, and congrats that (unfortunately!) never come. Huh? What the…? Maybe there’s good reason they’re ignoring your releases.

A PRNewser article from the Adweek Blog Network showed that journalists, “…received approximately 50 releases every week—and spent less than one minute reading each one he or she opened.” What really annoys them is:

  • Releases that aren’t relevant to the beats/areas they cover
  • Releases that aren’t relevant to their readers
  • Bad writingin releases
  • Releases that go on too long without making a point

So, stop annoying people and deliver news content your target news sources want to use to fill space, airtime, and websites. To make your news releases stand out, simply follow these 9 terrific tips. Continue reading