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How to Get Out of a Content Rut

content rutMaybe you’re having writer’s block and can’t think of new and exciting topics. (We’ve all been there, and it sucks big time!) Perhaps, your content has been falling kinda’ flat for days, weeks, or even months (heaven forbid!). Or, you are creating the same type of content over and over and over. You’re in a content rut.

So what do you do? Here are some ideas to get out of that horrible rut (hopefully, before you pull out your hair!).

Change it up

Experiment with new types of content. Fresh content types can expand your reach and attract more, and possibly even better leads. Your audience may love your podcasts, but that does not mean that’s all you should create. Here a few new content rut-breaking alternatives to try: Continue reading

Writing a “Contact Us” Page That Connects

Contact us and blank application concept on green blackboardThere are some pages on your website that are viewed more than others, which makes them more important. Like the Contact Us page. No big surprise.

But, what does surprise me is how many people don’t use this obvious information to their advantage…to optimize that page to get people to connect with their organization. That’s why this is such an important area to focus on.

Your prospects and customers need your contact information, like a phone number or email address, to get in touch with you. Plus when it’s done well, “…an amazing contact page has the ability to entice visitors and convince them to either make a purchase or hire your services,” according to the Search Engine Journal. Continue reading

14 Easy Edits to Make Your Content Shine

Proofreading red pencilEditing your own copy simply means recognizing weaknesses and fixing them. Easy peasy, right? Yet, it’s an often overlooked part of the writing process.

Quite frankly, even the best writers rarely spit out their best copy in the first draft (contrary to popular opinion). So, for the sake of making your writing shine (and stand out from the pack), you have to be your own editor. Every time you write something, tighten up your own content with these 14 editing tips that’ll make your copy more addictive, engaging, and compelling. Continue reading

Creating Headlines, Opt-in Copy and Email Subject Lines That Capture Readers

smiling young woman writing on virtual screenWe’ve posted many blogs on writing content that gets leads and sells. After all, that’s what our business is about. It’s what our readers are interested in.

Frankly, if you can’t get and keep your prospects’ interest, you are going to be out of business fast. This topic is really nothing groundbreaking. Or is it worth another discussion?

This topic deserves mention…but from a new perspective. When you dig deeper you find that if you want to capture your readers’ interest and keep them coming back, you’ve got to deliver headlines, opt-in copy, and email subject lines that grab their full attention. And since most people have the attention span of gnats (while they are also considering your competitors), you’ve only got nanoseconds. Continue reading

How to Create High Performing Content

Businessman Writing the Word ContentJudgments about your website and content are formed in seconds or even nanoseconds. According to Google, you have three seconds or less to make a positive impression or your site visitor (especially a first-time visitor) will leave. One study says it’s as little as .5 seconds. Not very long, huh?

With that kind of fleeting time and the hit-or-miss nature of attracting and converting site visitors, you really have to create content that’s a grand slam hit that boosts traffic or your site will never make it in the Big Leagues. You must carefully select every word and constantly review how your content is performing and change what isn’t working.

To make that easier for you, here are the 11 insider secrets to creating high performing content. Continue reading

9 Easy and Efficient Google Search Tips

google-76522_960_720I use Google to search for a lot of different things many times every day. You probably do, too. But, unless you are a super-techy geek, you probably use Google in its simplest form. You type in a few words and keep trying new words and phrases until you locate what you’re looking for.

I’ve often suspected that there is a better (easier and more efficient) way. With a little unsophisticated searching, I discovered that there is…and these tips are a cinch to learn. Continue reading

9 Ways to Simplify Your Message

Keep It Simple MessageA lot of today’s content is confusing, unnecessarily complicated, and difficult to understand…and it confuses your prospects and customers. If they can’t understand what you’re trying to say, then your content is not very useful, right?

However, if you can write sharp, clear, straightforward, intelligent, and easy-to-understand content, it becomes practically effortless for people to see the value in it. With clarity in your writing, they’ll keep reading…and ultimately want to deal with your business.

Writing with clarity will make your content more powerful and compelling. According to HubSpot, “It turns heads, changes minds, and encourages action.” But you must follow a few simple tips and keep practicing them.
Continue reading