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Creating Headlines, Opt-in Copy and Email Subject Lines That Capture Readers

smiling young woman writing on virtual screenWe’ve posted many blogs on writing content that gets leads and sells. After all, that’s what our business is about. It’s what our readers are interested in.

Frankly, if you can’t get and keep your prospects’ interest, you are going to be out of business fast. This topic is really nothing groundbreaking. Or is it worth another discussion?

This topic deserves mention…but from a new perspective. When you dig deeper you find that if you want to capture your readers’ interest and keep them coming back, you’ve got to deliver headlines, opt-in copy, and email subject lines that grab their full attention. And since most people have the attention span of gnats (while they are also considering your competitors), you’ve only got nanoseconds. Continue reading

7 Tips For Awesome Footer Design

Oh, footer. Life is tough for you. Always given short shrift, passed over in favor of site elements that get more visibility, like the “aware-of-her-own-importance” navigation or the “too-big-for his-britches” hero image. Just once you’d like to be given as much thought as the popular kids. Well today is your day, little buddy!

All kidding aside, I see a lot of half-baked footers out there in web world. People seem content to throw the site attribution and social icons down there and let it be. Of course, that’s fine if it supports the design, but footers can do so much more!

So stay tuned, and I’ll run through some of the sweet things you can do to make your website’s footer feel like part of the cool gang. Continue reading

How to Create an Irresistible Free Opt-In Offer

checked-295296_1280Want to grow your business using online marketing? Then growing your email list is one of the smartest moves you can make.

Email marketing is a proven way to cultivate relationships with highly interested prospects. When they trust you with their email address, they are raising their hand and letting you know they’re interested. By staying in touch and providing valuable tips, insights, and useful information consistently, you’re setting yourself up to become a trusted, top-of-mind, go-to resource.

But before you start dishing out generous tidbits in your email marketing, you’ve got to entice the right people to opt in for your list. And because there’s so much information out there, what you’re offering better be good. In fact, it needs to be irresistible. Even though it’s free, it has to be worth their time and attention. Your free opt-in offer — also known as a lead magnet, ethical bribe, or free taste — has to be something they need or desire. Continue reading