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3 Tips to Escape Your Social Media Overload

Young and attractive business woman in stressLet’s face it, we live in a world where social media is no longer an option, it is a necessity. Sure, you can embrace your inner Luddite and become a digital hermit, eschewing all forms of online social interaction, but the ramifications of that decision on your social and work lives would be dire.

Your friends expect you to be following along with their escapades online, and your clientele expect you to be responsive to the queries and needs they put forth via social media. Both expect you to be present, creating an island for yourself in the ocean of digital content. If you don’t, you risk being forgotten, or worse, actively despised for your misanthropic behavior.

So you need social media in your life. Which is fine! Social media is as popular as it is because it brings us together in ways that was never possible without it. It opened the floodgates of communication, creating an outpouring of human contact unprecedented in the history of mankind. Think about it! It is now possible to know what people are thinking in realtime, anywhere on the globe. When you stop taking it for granted, that is a bonafide AMAZING THING!!!

But being amazing doesn’t stop immersing yourself in the data-stream from being any less overwhelming. We are finite creatures, faced with an infinite source of interest, and unless we are diligent about managing how much time we spend absorbing and interacting with it, we risk losing sleep, productivity, even family to it’s seductive embrace.

Here then, are a few tips to help you escape social media overload, while maintaining a healthy and productive presence online: Continue reading