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How to Build a Press Page That Works

camera-711040_640As an entrepreneur, you spend tons of time trying to generate interest in you and your business. You send out press releases, work your social connections and spend lots of time trying to drive interested traffic to your website.

But all of that work can be for naught if your website doesn’t have an effective Press page. Internet visitors are fickle beasts, even the journalists among them, and if they can’t find what they are looking for quickly, they are liable to move on.

The media-professionals visiting your site will usually be looking to bypass the sales and marketing sections and dial straight into the info that establishes you as an authority, or provides official concrete information on how to contact you, or who you are. In addition, if they are doing a story on you, journalists will need access to photos, bios and any other information they might need in order to complete and publish their work.

Clearly, having an effective Press page is an important part of any modern marketing strategy, so here are a few tips for making yours as useful as possible. Continue reading