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My “Lucky 13” Ways to Create Headlines That Work

header-156421_640Take a second to think about blog posts, emails, sales pages or websites without headlines. They would all be mumbo-jumbo, without focus. You wouldn’t know where to start…you’d be puzzled and bored.

Headlines steer the readers and compel them to become involved with your product or service. That’s why headlines must be powerful, persuasive and interesting, or they will fail.

Don’t believe me? Listen to the words of the industry’s forefathers. Advertising great David Ogilvy said that the headline is the most important part of an ad. Marketing guru and copywriter John Caples wrote, “If the headline is poor, the copy will not be read. And copy that is not read does not sell goods.”

Not only do I agree, I think that creating a gripping, compelling headline is the most important part of writing any copy or content. My secret confession: To me it’s the most fun part of writing.

Now lean in, and I will divulge my “Lucky 13” secrets to successful headlines… Continue reading