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The 6 Best Free Social Media Management Tools

Despite the fact the Facebook seems to be imploding in slow-motion, social media is still as important as ever when it comes to marketing your business. However, as the number of networks we need to engage with keeps growing, managing our social media is an increasingly cumbersome and time-consuming task.

If you are still engaging with each of the networks you utilize by going to their sites individually, then there is no doubt that you are hemorrhaging time that could be spent to much better effect elsewhere. So, what’s a frazzled business owner to do?

Use a social media management tool, that’s what! While there are tons of options available out there, we’ll be focusing on platforms that offer free options here, so that you can get in on the social media management ground floor without having to make a financial commitment. If you find that you are outpacing what the free plans offer, then most of these services offer paid options that increase functionality.

So let’s get to it! Here are the six free social media management tools you should check out in this crazy ol’ year of 2018. Continue reading

Why You Might Not Need Squarespace

wp-vs-ssIt is important for entrepreneurs of all types to stay on top of the latest tools and technology available to them. It is also important to evaluate the efficacy of these tools before adopting them. Jumping on the latest bandwagon can be just as or more harmful than doing nothing at all.

Every year, there’s a new ‘trend’ or ‘fad’ to follow with some tool or another that will enable you to make more money at a lower cost point.  For instance, Optimize Press or Premise allowed you to create your own landing pages on the fly. Or there’s LeadPages, which allows you to create landing pages and conduct split testing. These tools were designed for semi-technical and low cost virtual assistants and they easily produce simple and unnatractive pages. They can be useful tools, but they only help you so long as you understand the needs of a landing page and split testing. Even further, they caused some people financial harm, as they were installed on WordPress websites that were then able to be hacked  and were opened to security risks. Those trend-adopters either now live with that or have paid someone to come and clean it all up. Continue reading