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8 Tips For an Irresistible CTA Button

One of the most important things you can include in a business website is the Call-to-Action (CTA) and the most important part of the CTA is the button. Most visitors arrive at a site with a purpose, and looking to take action. Most websites serve a purpose and need people to take action. The CTA button is the crossroads where those two meet.

That’s why it is important to take extra care with how you design and implement that button! You may think it’s just a simple button, and not worth the extra time worrying about, but even small adjustments to such a critical part of the conversion process can have significant effects on overall performance.

So let’s take a look at the CTA button, and all of the ways you can make sure it is performing as well as possible! Continue reading

12 Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Design Agency

Responsive Web Design Service Concept. VectorAre you considering hiring a web design agency to redesign your website or to bring a new vision to life? If so, you may feel overwhelmed by the prospect of vetting a potential web design partner.

Perhaps you’ve been disappointed in the past or this is all new to you. Either way, it’s not uncommon to feel like you don’t know what you don’t know. And you don’t even know where to start.

Here are 12 important questions to ask before hiring a web design agency: Continue reading

9 Surprising Facts and Stats About WordPress

wordpressI love trivia and obscure tidbits of information. I remember obscure little details and cite them ad nauseam, which usually makes me a lot of “fun” to talk to at a gathering.  But, sometimes these facts and stats are really interesting and share worthy, especially when they’re uncommon (or little known) points about common things we use every day, like WordPress, by far the most prominent content management system (CMS) out there.

Whether or not you think you already know WordPress, think again. These nine WordPress usage facts and statistics may well give you pause for thought: Continue reading

11 Signs It’s Time to Trade Up From Your DIY Site

The word do it yourself and tablet pc against digital tablet displaying blueprintMany small business owners like you may be using a business website that you created on your own with the help of one of the many available DIY options. Unfortunately, using a DIY site can cause your business to suffer from a lot of minor and major malfunctions and hiccups that can dramatically affect your business.

Frankly, no one likes having to constantly update or tweak their website month after month, year after year. It can be time-consuming and expensive. But if online leads or sales have been slipping, and even if they haven’t (yet), it’s a great idea to periodically and objectively evaluate your website and make the necessary fixes…or, better yet, do a total redesign. These updates and changes are necessary if clients and customers can find what they’re looking for, your site looks amateurish or spammy, it keeps breaking down, or if the navigation, overall functionality, content, and more importantly—the calls to action — are not significant and engaging.

So what are 11 indications that it’s time face-up to the fact that you are losing potential business…and could use an upgrade? Continue reading

How to Create a Basic Brand Style Guide for Your Business

Style word on vintage car license plates, concept signA brand style guide is like the blueprint for your visual identity and website design. It includes all of your chosen design elements, serves as a set of design standards, and provides a foundation for the overall look and feel of your online presence across platforms and printed marketing collateral.

Establishing a consistent and cohesive brand bolsters your company’s brand recognition, reputation, and trustworthiness; so creating and following a brand style guide to stay on track with cultivating your brand equity is worth the time and effort. Continue reading

Web Designer or Web Developer: Which One Do You Need?

designer vs developerYou may have discovered Solamar because you were looking for a WordPress web design company or a WordPress web development company. Many clients who come to us simply aren’t aware of the distinction between web design and web development and tend to lump the two together, using the terms interchangeably, as if they are one and the same.

If you don’t know the difference, or you’ve never considered it, you’re not alone. But web design and web development are two distinct skill sets; and if you run a small business with specific needs, it’s important to understand why you may need only a designer, only a developer, or more likely both.

You don’t want to hire a designer when you need a developer, or vice versa. And if you need both, you should avoid hiring a professional or a team lacking adequate skills in either area of the website building process. The lines between design and development are often blurred; but as a small business owner with a big vision and limited resources, it’s critical for you to know what you’re getting into. Continue reading

7 Reasons Cheap Web Designers Actually Cost You More Money

dollar-726878_640Who doesn’t love to save money? When you’re working with a tight budget, like most small businesses and nonprofits are, you’re constantly on the lookout for a good deal. But after you’ve been around the block a time or two, you’ll soon realize that what appears to be a good deal often isn’t.

Web design is one of those areas where people try to cut corners, only to find out later that they’ve made a costly mistake. The website design and development process is complex and multifaceted, and you want to be sure to entrust your project to a designer or team that holds your best interest as their top priority.

Here are 7 reasons cheap web designers actually cost you money: Continue reading