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What’s Hot In Web Design — May 2016 Edition

Since the fickle fads that govern the design world’s sensibilities are constantly shifting, we find it useful to check in every once and a while and see what’s new, what still works and what has gone the way of the Dodo. Let’s jump right in!

Flat Design Still Rules

accountingrx-fullThe original shift towards flat design was in part caused by our collective shift into the mobile web-space, where vector-based graphics (many of which are flat-style) were able to deliver much speedier load times than traditional images. Given that our reliance on mobile devices has only grown, it only makes sense that flat design still reigns. Plus, it’s just so darn attractive! You’ll see flat design used everywhere, from simple icons to logos to large complex graphics. The solid colors of flat-design recall the bold palate of children’s animation, lending a light-hearted air to the graphics, which in turn can create a welcoming atmosphere wherever they are used. Continue reading

8 Reasons Our Clients Love WordPress

clients heart wordpressThere are many content management (CM) platforms available in 2016. Yet here at Solamar, we continue to use (and love!) WordPress.

As we said in a recent post, “While there are comparable offerings on the table, none of them hit all of the buttons that WordPress does when it comes to being a supple development tool, an easy system for clients to understand with a robust and supportive user community.”

Best of all, our clients LOVE WordPress, as well! Here are 8  great reasons why they adore this amazing CM platform: Continue reading

6 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your WordPress Website

Window cleaning background, flat design vectorMaintaining a WordPress website for your small business requires a lot of care and attention. Your website isn’t something you should set up once, and forget everything that goes into keeping it fresh. We always advise consistently updating to the latest version of WordPress, ensuring that the best security is in place, and confirming that backups are running regularly. We also recommend routinely reviewing all aspects of your website to protect your brand and promote the best possible image for your business.

Every few months, aside from the basics, you’ll want to do what you can to keep it immaculate. Here are 6 spring cleaning tips for your wordpress website: Continue reading

6 Quick Tips to Keep Your WordPress Site Running Smoothly

we-heart-wordpressWe always WordPress here at Solamar. Some people, however, have a love-hate relationship with this wonderful content management system (CMS).

The reason is simple. A few haven’t become familiar with the ins and outs to keeping WordPress in tip-top shape. When they learn these easy tips, they find that their sites are running more smoothly, faster, more securely, and with fewer problems. And then they, too, WordPress.

That’s why we want to share 6 of our most valuable tips with you now.
Continue reading

Updating WordPress —What, Why & How

wordpress-588494_960_720Today’s modern lifestyle is swamped in updates. Your apps need updating, your operating system needs updating, your Facebook page, your messaging status, blogs, to-do lists and on and on and on. With so many things requesting you keep them current, it’s only natural to want to triage the inflow until you can manage.

I’m here to today to tell that WordPress is one of those things you need to keep updated, despite there being things you need to be careful of if you are going to do so. In the future we’ll be posting overviews of what new WordPress updates are bringing to the table, but for now I’m just going to talk a little bit about updates in general, and why you need them.

But why?! Your site works now, why fix something that isn’t broken, right? Well, there are plenty of reasons, and we’re going to go through a couple of them right…now! Continue reading

Top 8 Content Marketing Trends for 2016

Happy new 2016 business yearToday’s content marketers have to be ready to change direction at a moment’s notice, based on the newest technologies and trends. And it’s going to get even more complex in the coming year, according to industry prognosticators. Any growth strategy for the year ahead undoubtedly will involve embracing the key technologies across the entire business and its operations and satisfying digital behaviors of a business’ consumers or audience.

If you want to stay ahead of the competition (and budget appropriately), you’ll have to prepare for the following 8 upcoming changes and adapt your content marketing accordingly. Continue reading

9 Call to Action Tips You Should Know

call to action landing page optimization effective layout traffics vectorHail ye, oh great call to action (CTA)! You are the rock star of any response-driven promotion, whether online or off. We hold you in the highest regard, knowing that even a teeny lift in click-through rate can mean significant gains for a business in terms of eventual leads or sales.

A terrific CTA is essential for good reason. You could write the most effective, emotional, response driven copy, and it might not amount to anything more than a lot of hot air, unless your CTA is clear. You absolutely have to tell readers what task(s) you want them to perform. Good call to action phrases act like a trail of breadcrumbs leading potential customers directly to what you have to offer.

Yet, when I did a Google search for “CTA,” not once in the first three pages of search results does this little rock star come up among a slew of other results (from Chicago Transit Authority to Chandler Traditional Academy to California Teachers’ Association). So, I think that it is high time to delve deeper into making your own calls to action more inspiring, even though we did touch on this topic in a previous post.

I propose that you put a stop to crappy, weak, blah CTA’s and squeeze every last conversion or sale you can out prospects and customers, by adding more value at this important stage of the sales pitch. So here are 9 tips that will help make it easier to do just that: Continue reading